Arcane Empire

Dealing With Liches

Our new friends needed a rest, so Zelda, Ben, Shamrock, George and I decided to negotiate with the lich Drexl. Ben and I headed in to talk to the lich. Zelda decided to stay on the pier with Shamrock to figure out how to take out the dragon turtle Tuoni. While Ben and I were negotiating George managed to steal the lich's phylactery from around his neck and replace it. When we got back to the pier, Shamrock was still talking about how to kill the dragon turtle. Tuoni took exception to Shamrock's musings and when we got pulled over by legionnaires, he capsized both boats and shot a geyser of steam, killing everyone but me.  Ben came back on his own. I managed to resurrect Zelda and Shamrock, but George couldn't be resurrected. It turned out he sold his soul. When we had a chance to recover, Ben and I went to speak with Drexl. He seemed to have no idea that his phylactery was gone.

Since everything seemed to be in order, we dropped Shamrock off at the Blood and Vine tavern while we took the phylactery to Zor. At the firm, they had their expert come in to authenticate it. The lizard lich Auroch indicated that we were to hand it over to one of his men, so we did so. He began to study the box and suddenly both he and the box disappeared.  The legionnaires took us to see the blue dragon, who questioned us. We explained what happened, what we saw and reminded them that we had fulfilled our part of the bargain.

Since Auroch never authenticated the phylactery, they refused to pay us for the job. The blue dragon did release us after a few days and sent us to Zor. We lodged a complaint with the firm for being cheated by the client and headed back to Bavaria.



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