Arcane Empire

Getting Started (Jan-01)
Welcome to The Firm

The Firm

Easy money for the elite. The Firm has it all. Guaranteed pay, access to equipment, legal aid, transport and even magic. But you have to earn.

Nothing comes free.

All of the players, for whatever reason, know an ex Legionnaire named Reggie Reynolds. He recruits for the Firm and directs potential hires to the various branch offices all over the Seattle and Tacoma area. He freely hands out his business card and will usually return calls within the day. In this case, the players have been directed by Reggie to show up at a Starbucks in Seattle's International District to meet Mr. Archer, a Firm contract representative. 

The job is sort of a trial run. It doesn't pay much by mercenary standards, but it will get the group's feet wet and allow Mr. Archer to assess their strengths and weaknesses for future referrals. Some local neighbors and shopkeepers are tired of a youth gang robbing and terrorizing the neighborhood. They pulled resources and put up a thousand per head to have the gang members removed from their community. Mr. Archer and the Firm get half of that, leaving half for the team, before any obligatory taxes. 

The gang consists of about half a dozen kids ranging from high school to early college age. They plague the neighborhood around Carniceria Azteca, a Mexican grocery store. The gang members are largely Cuban and Hispanic in origin, with at least one Orc among them. 

The team scouted the apartments then returned with weapons. Ben cast Summon Swarm to put a swarm of bats into the leaders apartment while Asteri summoned a swarm of mad monkeys into the meth lab. Simo waited for the gang members to run out and then shot them. Once the shooting started Ben and Asteri each shot one gang member while Simo finished off the rest.

After the mission the group took some time to wait for the next job getting a tip on a 50,000 credit bounty on Baron Samedi and his Voodoo Witch assistant.         


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