Special Item: Cloning Tank

Clone Growth Cylinder


This is a sample of magic masquerading as technology. The basic device looks like a high tech coffin. A user deposits an amount of flesh in the preserving vial at the head end of the machine. The machine is then inert simply sustaining the sample until the original subject dies at which time a clone is grown. It is necessary to have their affairs taken care of since this process takes 5 months.

The subject awakens with a 2 point penalty to all skills which applies unless they can get a restoration (not provided with the unit).

The basic effect is a continual gentle repose (3rd Arcane) for the material stored – this feature costs 15,000 Credits (3 × 5 × 2,000 × 0.5).

The secondary effect is a clone which grows once the original dies this effect costs 98,500 Credits ([8 × 15 × 2,000 × 0.2] 50,000)500.

The combined cost of these features are 113,500 Credits

A hospital or other service provider may opt to have the two units separate allowing them to keep a large number of clients on standby only using the cloning tank when necessary. The 1 use/day on the cloning tank is irrelevant since it takes 5 months for the clone to grow.

Having a clone made by a wizard is generally 2,250 Credits ([8 × 15 × 10]+1050) without the flesh preservation 150 Credits (3 × 5 × 10) every 5 days if stored.

Hospitals generally charge 1,000 credits per month to keep a sample on file and for basic processing as well as an Activation Fee of 10,000 credits when the clone is activated (overall this costs more than having a church resurrection but is more palatable to atheists and agnostics who don’t want to support the churches).


Special Item: Cloning Tank

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