Gear: Sensors

Devices for detecting things


Behavior analyzer: 500 cr, 10 lb.
This desktop device measures blood pressure, brainwave activity, galvanic skin response, and other physiological cues to determine the subject’s overall emotional and mental state. You get a circumstance bonus of 4 on Persuasion (Interrogation) checks if the subject is hooked up to a behavior analyzer.

Handheld Behavior analyzer: 400 cr, 2 lb.
This is a portable version of the full-size device. It is less sophisticated and accurate, but it provides a circumstance bonus of 2 on Persuasion (Interrogation) checks.

Digital binoculars: 750 cr, 1 lb.
These handheld devices offer up to 25x magnification, providing the user with a circumstance bonus of 2 on distance-hampered Awareness (vision) checks. If the user selects the appropriate view mode, the binoculars can also process infrared, ultraviolet, and amplified light.
• A character using the light-amplification mode can see twice as far as an unassisted human in starlight, moonlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. This mode does not allow the user to see in complete darkness.
• Infrared mode allows the user to see in the dark up to the range of the binoculars. However, infrared is not as versatile as darkvision. It detects variations in the temperature of viewed objects, and it usually cannot distinguish between objects with the same surface temperature. Thus, while infrared can easily detect living creatures in total darkness, it cannot distinguish most undead from their surroundings. Further, infrared does not easily penetrate water, so this viewing mode is useless underwater.
• Ultraviolet light penetrates water more readily than any other visible light and is very useful for vision enhancement underwater. When using the ultraviolet viewing mode, a character can see twice as far underwater as an unassisted human.

Holocam: 500 cr, 2 lb.
This handheld device records three-dimensional, full-motion images and audio for display on a holographic projector. A holocam has sufficient onboard storage for 100 hours of recording. It also features a datachip port for additional storage. A standard datachip can store 10 hours of holographic recordings.

Multiscanner: 2,500 cr, 3 lb.
This useful handheld device is indispensable for field scientists and explorers in the Outlands wilderness. It incorporates a number of functions useful for evaluating environmental conditions and identifying life forms. The multiscanner features the following sensor systems.
• A Geiger counter capable of identifying and analyzing the approximate source and intensity of harmful radiation within 500 feet.
• A chemical sniffer capable of detecting and analyzing chemicals in the environment, including the soil, air, and water sources within 100 feet.
• A magnetometer, spectrometer, magnetic resonance detector, and millimeter-wave radar capable of identifying and analyzing the material composition of objects within a range of 100 feet. Though its resolution is grainy, it can penetrate thin surfaces and generate useful images of any objects concealed underneath.
• Electrical sensors capable of analyzing electrical activity in living organisms. The device can detect the presence and approximate size of life forms within 100 feet. If networked to a datapad with an appropriate knowledge database, the multiscanner can even identify these life forms if the user makes a successful Science (Biology) check (DC 16).

Nightvision goggles: 250 cr, 1 lb.
These devices amplify available light, granting the user all of the benefits of lowlight vision. The user can see twice as far as an unassisted human in starlight, moonlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.

Security scanner: 1,000 cr, 2 lb.
This handheld device monitors electrical currents and a broad radio spectrum and localizes low-power transmissions. It is capable of detecting microbugs and other electronic surveillance devices within 50 feet. The scanner has a small integrated electromagnetic pulse generator capable of frying such devices’ electronic circuitry. The EMP unit also grants the user a circumstance bonus of 2 on Stealth (sabotage) checks to sabotage other electronics, from datapads to electronic door locks and security systems.

Surveillance laser: 1,200 cr, 5 lb.
This portable device generates a laser beam (invisible to unassisted sight) with a line-ofsight range of 10 miles. In application, the device’s effective range in urban areas is about 500 feet. The laser is aimed at a window or similar thin surface. It is capable of recording, digitizing, and translating the vibrations of this surface to replicate nearby conversations. The device has a datachip port for storing recordings, and a single chip can store thousands of hours of recorded conversations. The surveillance laser can also be connected directly to a datapad or other computer via wireless network.


Gear: Sensors

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