Rules: Wounds and Recovery

Getting better after a fight


Characters will use up their Arcane, Faith, and Hit Points and need to recover them before they want to fight again.

Arcane and Faith simply can’t be used when they reach zero.

When hit points drop to 1/2 the base they are bloodied. Bloodied characters drop to 1/2 movement and 1/2 on all skills including their defenses. Most combatants retreat when bloodied.

Hit Points at zero means a character has become incapacitated and is dying (they will lose another hit point per round until they reach a negative number equal to their base hit points and then they are dead. A character may make a Medicine roll or use a healing spell to stabilize the character. Any healing spells bringing them to a positive hit point count restores them to bloodied, otherwise a stabilize spell or a medicine check with a difficulty of amount in the hole the character is will stabilize them).

A character can heal without magic, healing a number of hit points per week equal to their dice of toughness even if they ignore their wounds. A character taking bed rest heals their toughness dice per day meaning they can heal nearly any level of wound in about 3 days. Medicine will increase this by a number of hit points per day equal to the skill in medicine of the care giver. Magic will restore as much as the spell or ability is able per use (if converting from D&D/Pathfinder us 1/2 of maximum and don’t roll a variable, a good casting can heal more just like an attack).

Arcane and Faith recover a 1 point per hour of rest with a bonus of the number of full dice in the skill if the rest period includes 8 or more hours of uninterrupted sleep. This cannot exceed the amount the character has, but will make a difference to those with large pools that wouldn’t otherwise recover. No Arcane or Faith is recovered if no resting.


Rules: Wounds and Recovery

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