Rules: Species

Selecting your breed


Species is a big choice for some and a given for others. Players may choose any of the standard Pathfinder species and may take variants as well since the Galactic Empire consists of a vast number of member worlds.

As the baseline humans have a range of 2D-4D in all six attributes, medium size, move 30 ft on land, and have normal vision range. Humans only special ability is they are Adaptable (which in this setting translates to 5D more starting skills).

The core races of Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, and Half-Orc (although some classify half orc as humanoid) are close in ability to humans. Each has a number of abilities that set them apart. There is a standard, but as was stated earlier players may take variations, and I encourage those who do so to note their region and if their variation has feelings of superiority/inferiority over other variations of the species.

Generally these don’t vary, in all cases any attribute not mentioned has the standard 2D-4D range (Note these are not as listed in Pathfinder, but more of an old D&D spread with half-orcs and dwarves merging stat-wise as well as elves and halflings because of STR and CON becoming the same stat).

Dwarf: PER (1D-3D), STR (3D-5D)
Elf: DEX (3D-5D), STR (1D-3D)
Gnome: KNO (1D-3D), CRA (3D-5D)
Halfling: DEX (3D-5D), STR (1D-3D)
Half-Elf: All 2D-4D
Half-Orc: PER (1D-3D), STR (3D-5D)

Racial Abilities:
Players can take from those listed in the Core rulebook or use the expanded options in the Advanced Races Guide. Using the RP values ignore anything having to do with attributes, and otherwise you may combine any listed as racial options for your chosen species that add up to 10 RP or less.

When a bonus to a skill is given keep it as a bonus (2 points to metalwork) and make a note beside the skill on the character sheet. This distinction is made because you pay skill points to raise the base skill even if the bonus means it is performing at a higher skill level.

Racial weapon training becomes free specializations; an Elf would get the specialization Melee (Swords) and the specialization Missile (Bow) if they took the standard elven weapon training.


Non-Standard Races can be taken if their RP value is 10 or less. With DM prior approval you may take a non-standard race with an RP value of 11-20 but must sacrifice 5D of you beginning skills (or a combination of skills and money equalling 5D). Races from 21-30 RP are generally over powered, but if there is one you really want to pay it would cost 10D (since you only start with 7D that means giving up both starting funds and skills). Skills from Legion training can never be traded this way.


Any attribute with a bonus has a 3D-5D range and any attribute with a penalty has a 1D-3D range, there are no attribute bonuses or penalties (everyone starts with 18D) and no race will get attributes above 5D.

SIZE Modifiers:

Small: Drop Move to 20ft, give a size bonus of 2 to reflexes, give a size bonus of 4 to stealth (don’t convert to dice, just leave as hard numbers). Medium creatures are considered to have position of advantage in hand to hand combat. When calculating encumbrance use Lifting pips x3 for load limits. Small creatures need 2 hands to use medium weapons.

Large: Take a size penalty of 2 to reflexes, take a size penalty of 4 to stealth (don’t convert to dice). Considered to have position of advantage over medium creatures in hand to hand combat. When calculating encumbrance use Lifting pips x8 for load limits. Large creatures can use large weapons 1 handed and huge weapons 2 handed.

Rules: Species

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