Rules: Monsters

Converting Pathfinder Beasts to Dragonstar D6


Pathfinder made monster stats pretty simple, so conversion should be easy.

Perception: add 6 to this and use it as a target for characters to sneak past said monster; using it like a defense score keeps the action in the character’s hands.

AC: luckily this is broken down into categories, we want to use the Flat Footed rating (adjusting size modifiers out) and this becomes Armor Rating (note any damage reduction found later may increase this).

Hit Points: This we can leave alone, some creatures have huge amounts, but that’s okay.

Fortitude: add 6 to this

Reflexes: Add 6 to this

Willpower: Add 6 to this

Speed: No Change

Attacks: Convert attack bonus to dice to Dice (See chart below); half the maximum damage of an attack and make that the base damage. Multi-attacking creatures are assumed to have that many actions and still have their defense and attack ratings as listed but not spell casting or breath weapons.

Spell abilities and such generally as listed (compare save DC-4 to character defenses rather than making casting checks).

Skills: Convert bonus on chart below if skill is something that the DM thinks will come up.



Anything with a save DC or SR rating is at -4 (based on 10 converted to a system based on 6)

Anything listed as a bonus to a roll converts to a set number as 6 plus bonus listed

Anything being converted to dice is 6 plus bonus listed in pips

Listed Set Number Dice Code
-3 3 1D
-2 4 1D+1
-1 5 1D+2
0 6 2D
+1 7 2D+1
+2 8 2D+2
+3 9 3D
+4 10 3D+1
+5 11 3D+2
+6 12 4D
+7 13 4D+1
+8 14 4D+2
+9 15 5D
+10 16 5D+1
+11 17 5D+2
+12 18 6D
+13 19 6D+1
+14 20 6D+2
+15 21 7D
+16 22 7D+1
+17 23 7D+2
+18 24 8D
+19 25 8D+1
+20 26 8D+2
+21 27 9D
+22 28 9D+1
+23 29 9D+2
+24 30 10D

Rules: Monsters

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