Rules: Improvement Points

Hero and Skill Point Use


Characters have two pools of expendable points, the smaller pool of Hero points allowing them to do nearly impossible tasks at critical moments and Skill points used to build and improve the character.

Hero Points should be announced at the beginning of the round since they will usually change initiative order. Use of a Hero Point raises all a characters dice rolls by 5D for the round it was spent. The result is a character can achieve a single heroic action or perform multiple actions in a heroic burst of activity.

Each Player character begins with 1 Hero Point, additional points are awarded when the DM feels the group has performed in a heroic fashion or furthered a heroic cause (rescuing a village from a horde of orcs when they have nothing to pay qualifies; killing a village of orcs to take their money doesn’t).

A character may keep up to 3 Hero points, but any earned beyond three don’t accumulate (you can only save up so much heroism).


Skill points are used to increase skills, get new specializations, increase base movement, or to give an emergency bonus to a roll. Skill points are normally awarded at the end of every session (5 per session is a good rate), and there is no limit to how many a character may save, but any one skill can’t be improved by more than 1 pip in a particular session.

Improving Skills;
To improve a skill a character needs as many skill points as the current Die code (the number before the D) of the skill, so 3D, 3D+1 and 3D+2 all require 3 points to improve 1 step. When improved the skill moves up 1 pip in value (3D becomes 3D+1, 3D+1 becomes 3D+2 and 3D+2 becomes 4D).

New Specialization;
To buy a specialization under a skill costs 5 Skill Points regardless of the level of the controlling skill and may be done in the same session that skill is improved. Languages are specializations, but once a language is specialized rolls aren’t needed for that language any longer as the character is considered fluent.

Increase Base Movement;
A character may add 5 ft to their base movement for a number of skill points equal to the amount over the base move it will end at (5 point to go up 5, 10 points to go from 5 to 10, 15 points to go from 10 to 15). There is no limit, but the cost quickly gets difficult to meet.

Emergency Bonus;
A character desperate for success may sacrifice a Skill Point in exchange for a greater chance of success. Use must be declared before a roll is made, it applies to only one skill roll, and only 1 skill point may be applied to a general skill roll. The result is a bonus of 5 to the roll it is spent to enhance. In the case of a specialization the character may opt to sacrifice two skill points before the roll is made for a total bonus of 10 to the roll.

Rules: Improvement Points

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