Rules: Homeostasis

Static Lifestyle


Rather than try to include special rules for lifestyles and income sources characters are assumed to take enough part time work outside of game time to maintain a small apartment, clean and maintain clothes, and keep up with other necessities such as food.

Lifestyle doesn’t cover things used during an adventure such as rations, ammo, or money used for drinks and entertainment. Characters will have an opportunity to earn extra money in between adventures, but may choose to use the time in other ways.

In general this is assumed to be about a month, but can be more or less as suits the DM. If a character had legion training they still must give up half for taxes while other characters may keep the entire amount of any extra earnings.


Session Break:

Between sessions characters will manage to have 10 days free for pursuit of activities other than maintaining their lifestyle. The ten days may all be spent on the same activity or broke up as the characters desire;

Making Money: If the character spends days making extra money calculate extra money at the beginning of the session as follows – Roll highest skill used for income, square the result, and multiply by the number of days spent earning that income ([skill roll squared]x days). If the character took the legion package give up half for taxes.

Enchanting Items: If the character wants to make their own magic items they’ll need materials (half item’s market cost – or 1/4 if the character has a guild/church membership). It takes 1 day per 1,000 credits or fraction there-of to enchant the item.

Casting Spells: If a character wants to cast spells; such as wish, raise dead, or long term utility spells a day can be used for spell casting allowing the use of all their arcane/faith points but no rest and recovery value (it is calculated as using the pools once, not how much could be done in 24 hours).

Black Market: If a character wants a better price than the Firm offers for something they can try to run down a black market contact and make a bargain roll to buy an item for less or sell an item for more. Each item (or set of identical items) takes 1 day.

Training: If a character wants to advance faster they may spend their off time training; ten days training earns the character an extra skill point (training can be split over multiple sessions such as 5 per session so a character would get a bonus skill point every other session).

Crafting: If a character wants to build something not magical they can use a craft based skill (often art or build/repair). To start they need materials (1/3 the item’s finished value – although these could be gathered with Harvest and Mixing). Number of days worked on the project increase the value just like earning income using the appropriate craft based skill to roll (skill roll squared times days worked on project).

Rules: Homeostasis

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