Rules: Dice

Rolling the Dice in D6


Dice Rolling conventions remain essentially unchanged with a number of dice rolled and added up to gain a result which is compared to a target number or opposed roll. One of the dice is a different type (wild die) and results in altered effects if it comes up a 1 or 6.

Wild die complications occur on a result of 1 (Simplest version is to remove the one and the highest die in the roll – a more involved option is for the DM to introduce a role playing complication).

Wild die criticals occur on a result of 6 (Simplest version is to roll the wild die again and add both results continuing to add and roll if more 6s come up – a more involved option is for the DM to introduce a roll playing bonus effect).


Dice modifiers and pips:

A die roll may be listed with pluses after the D code. 1D+2 for example. in this case 1 six side die is rolled and 2 is added to the result. If the die result was five the total would be 7.

D always represents a 6 sides die, the pluses are added to the rolled result and are called pips. There are 3 pips to every die so the advancement is 1D to 1D+1, to 1D+2, to 2D.

Dice Pips
1D 3
1D+1 4
1D+2 5
2D 6
2D+1 7
2D+2 8
3D 9
3D+1 10
3D+2 11
4D 12
4D+1 13
4D+2 14
5D 15
5D+1 16
5D+2 17
6D 18
6D+1 19
6D+2 20
7D 21
7D+1 22
7D+2 23
8D 24
8D+1 25
8D+2 26
9D 27
9D+1 28
9D+2 29
10D 30

Rules: Dice

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