Rules: Competence

General comparison of Skill


This gives a rough guide to what skill levels mean in general competency and expectations of performance.

Skill Soldier Academic Average Spell
1D Incompetent Uneducated 3 None
2D Untrained High School 6 1st Level
3D Green Trade School 9 2nd Level
4D Seasoned Bachelors 12 4th Level
5D Veteran Master/Doctorate 15 5th Level
6D Elite Professor 18 7th Level
7D Legend Authority 21 8th Level
8D Mythical Revered 24 9th Level

By 8D a character has reached a point when it becomes difficult to tell if they’ve continued to improve since so many challenges are routing for them. While a 9D or 10D skill will consistently yield even higher results challenges beyond difficulty 20 would be very rare.


Most workers will have 3D-4D in their professional skills with those noted as being expecially competent having 5D and/or a specialization.

A typical gang member will have 3D combat stats, but an enforcer may have 4D or even 5D (particularly if they have an actual combat vet as their enforcer).

Most police are 3D-4D in their combat and job skills. A typical police officer carries a blaster or laser pistol and a taser. Most also wear a combat jumpsuit. Most police officers are partnered with a security robot, have a hover-sedan, and in the hover sedan have an assault blaster or laser, 2 stun grenades, 2 flash-bang grenades, and if magic trained may have access to one or two 1st level wands.

Most soldiers are deployed in squads; a squad is 10 men usually 4 green (3D), 4 seasoned (4D), and 2 Veteran (5D). Seasoned soldiers often muster out with those who stay being put into lead positions in other squads as they move up to veteran. Green soldiers often remain in the same squad as they become seasoned and new green soldier fill in the ranks of the leaving seasoned troops. Squads armor and weapons vary considerably based on unit type; a scout squad will often rely on combat jumpsuits while a heavy assault squad may be exclusively in power armor or a mix of power armor and walkers. War robots aren’t counted in the number of troops and a light scout squad will often have one or two war robots while a heavy assault squad may have ten war robots.

The Legion is organized in a metric pattern so a squad is 10, a platoon is 100, a company is 1,000, a brigade is 10,000, a battalion is 100,000, a division is 1,000,000, and an army is 10,000,000. Other military organizations may vary considerably from that structure.

Common squads are scout squads (10 men in light armor with 1 war robot, usually includes 1 arcane and 1 divine caster with 2 snipers), medium infantry squads (8 men in medium plate armor one of which is a divine caster, 1 heavy weapons in heavy plate or power armor, and 1 arcane caster in light armor usually has 2 war robots), heavy infantry squads (6 men in heavy plate armor one of which is a divine caster, 3 men in power armor, 1 arcane caster in light armor and 4 war robots), powered infantry squads (10 men in power armor, no arcane casters but usually 1 or 2 divine casters and 10 war robot escorts), Mechanized Scout Squad (5 recon walkers, 1 with an arcane caster and 1 with a divine caster, usually with 5 war robot escorts), Light Mechanized Squad (2 recon walkers and 3 assault walkers with 1 arcane and 1 divine caster as well as 10 escort war robots), medium mechanized squad (1 hover tank, 1 scout walker, and 2 assault walkers with 1 arcane and 1 divine caster as well as 10 war robot escorts), heavy mechanized squad (2 hover tanks and 1 scout walker with 1 arcane caster, 1 divine caster, and 10 war robot escorts), Air transport squad (3 transport vtols and 2 assault vtols with 1 arcane and 1 divine caster), Air support squad (5 assault vtols with 1 arcane and 1 divine caster), and magic squad (5 arcane and 5 divine casters).

Most Platoons include 1 magic squad, depending on the roll they may include various numbers of the other types of squads. A common scout platoon would have 1 magic squad, 2 mechanized scout squads, 1 medium infantry squad, 1 air transport squad and 5 light scout squads. A common tank platoon includes 7 heavy mechanized squads, 1 magic squad, 1 air transport squad, and 1 air support squad.

Rules: Competence

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