Rules: Character Sheet

Tracking sheet for player information


The character sheet has places to record all the basic information on the player character.

General Information Block
Name: Character’s Name
Species: Character’s Species, and subrace if desired
Gender: Character’s gender
Age: Character’s effective age (adjusted for magic aging and youth)
Religion: Character’s religion; deity

Combat Block
Size: Size for combat scale (usually small or medium)
Move: Base movement rate (usually 20 ft or 30 ft)
Hit Points: Total hit points (equals pips in the Toughness Skill 3D = 9 hit points)
Bloodied: Hit points lost before getting bloodied (1/2 hit points rounded up)
Arcane: Total arcane points (equals pips in Arcane skill 2D+1 = 7 arcane points)
Faith: Total faith points (equals pips in Faith skill 5D+2 = 17 faith points)
Armor: Armor rating of current armor worn and/or natural armor
Hero Points: Special points for dramatic use (Start with 1)
Skill Points: points used to improve skills (Start with 5)
Reflex: Reflex Defense (equals pips in Reflex Skill 4D+1 = 13)
Fortitude: Fortitude Defense (equals pips in Fortitude 6D = 18)
Will: Willpower Defense (equals pips in Willpower skill 1D+2 = 5)

Character Block
Personality: brief overview of personality
Background: synopsis of story so far
Quote: Quote that character enjoys or sums them up as a person
Description: What others see when they look at them

Dexterity Block
Dexterity: The primary combat attribute
Artillery: the use of large or mounted weapons (specializations include catapults, ballista, machine guns, cannons, lasers, blasters, missiles, and bombs).
Melee: engaging in up close combat (specializations include brawling, swords, knives, clubs/maces, axes/picks, spear/poles, whips/chains, and garrotes).
Projectiles: using a hand held device to fire a projectile (specializations include bow, sling, crossbow/speargun, pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers).
Reflexes: Combat defense (Specializations are types of attack avoided; melee, projectiles, spells, explosions).
Throwing: using arm to project weapons at a foe (specializations include knives, grenades, axes, spear/javelin, and rocks).

Knowledge Block
Knowledge: The education and introspection attribute
Faith: Power to connect with gods (Specializations include energy channeling, turning undead, and the eight schools of magic).
Languages: Ability to interpret languages (Specializations are specific languages known)
Medicine: The ability to heal without magic (Specializations include Healing, Remove Disease, Remove Poison, and Surgery).
Science: The study of things (Specializations include physics, biology, geology, chemistry, and sociology).
Willpower: Defense against mind influence (specializations include type of influence; fear/intimidation, seduction, enchantment/charm, illusion)

Transport Block
Transport: The attribute of using things to move about
Air Vehicles: any non-living vehicle that leaves the ground (Specializations include gas-bag, levitational, fixed wing, and Vtol).
Beast Riding: any living creature (each creature is a specialization; Horse, Elephant, Griffon)
Ground Vehicles: Vehicles that stay on the ground (specializations include wheeled, skids, treads, hover, and legged vehicles)
Space Vehicles: Vehicles that travel in space (specializations by size; Gargantual, Colossal, Colossal I, Colossal II, Colossal III, and Colossal IV)
Water Vehicles: Vehicles traveling in/on water (specializations are Submarine, Sailing, Rowing, Screw Drive, Aquajet, Hydrofoil)

Perception Block
Perception: the attribute of street and wilderness abilities
Awareness: Noticing things (Specializations include Vision, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Tracking, Hidden Compartments, Traps, and Ambushes).
Bargain: Art of negotiation (Specializations include Natural Resources, Trade Goods, Labor, Weapons/Armor, Vehicles, Magic, Artwork, Precious Metals, Gems, Robots, Information).
Persuasion: Influencing Others (Specializations include Music/Song, Dance, Acting, Con/Fast Talk, Intimidation/Command, Seduction/Flirt, Debate, Disguise/Impersonation)
Stealth: Being sneaky (Specializations include Hide, Move Silent, Pick Lock, Escape Bonds, Bypass Trap, Pickpocket)
Survival: Getting by in hard situations (Specializations include techniques and terrains; Urban, Forest/Jungle, Desert/Tundra, Underground, Swamp/Marsh, Sea, Savanna/Plains, Arctic, Hunting/Fishing, Scavenging)

Strength Block
Strength: The physical fitness attribute
Acrobatics: Athletic activities (Specializations include Climbing, jumping, balance/tightrope, tumbling, Sports)
Fortitude: Fortitude defense (Specializations include poison, illness/disease, specific schools of magic)
Lifting: How much you can carry and how much damage you do in combat (no specializations)
Swimming: Moving in the water (Specializations; surface, free diving, SCUBA)
Toughness: How many hit points you have (no specializations)

Craft Block
Arcane: Use of wizardry (specializations include Alchemy and the schools of magic)
Art: Ability to make fine things (specializations include painting, sculpting/stonework, carving/woodwork, pottery, metalworking, and jeweling).
Build and Repair: Ability to make and fix things (Specializations include Weapons, Armor, Vehicles, Electronics, and Construction)
Harvest: Ability to gather/propagate natural resources (Specializations include Farming, Logging, and Mining)
Mixing: Making transformed goods (Cooking, Brewer/Ventnor, Smelter, Demolitions, Fuel Refining).

Weapon Block
Weapon: Name of weapon
Type: Type of damage it inflicts (Bludgeon, Slash, Pierce, Fire, Electricity)
Damage: Base Damage Rating (if weapon gets a bonus for Strength it is 1 per full die of Lifting)
Range: Range increment in feet if applicable
Ammo: Number of shots available
Location: Where do you carry it (Hand, Belt, Back, etc)
Weight: How much does it weigh in pounds

Armor Block
Armor: Type of armor
AR: Armor Rating
Move: Movement Rate Penalty
Arcane: Arcane Check Penalty
Perception: Perception Penalty

Equipment Block
Equipment: item or type of item
Notes: What it does, stats, or customizations
Location: where do you carry it
Weight: How much does it weigh in pounds
Imperial Credits: How many do you have (1 IC = 1 GP)
Carried Weight: Add up your stuff to see if you are encumbered

Special Abilities Block
Special Abilities: any notes from species advantages to magic effects or other things granting character extra abilities.


Rules: Character Sheet

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