Rules: Character Creation

Making a new character


When a player starts out to make a new character there are a few things they must decide on their own such as name, personality, and other fluff.

Statistically they still have some choices but also have limits they must work within.

Species; since attribute range will vary by species the character should know which species they want to play before moving on.

Attributes: all players have 18D to divide among their attributes.

Skills: in addition to any racial skills players begin with 7D of discretionary skills to place. One pip of skill can be traded for one specialization or a 5 ft increase in movement or a full D of skill can be traded for 10 ft movement increase or 2D can be traded for 15 ft increase (no more than 15 ft move increase can be acquired, but as many specializations as desired may be taken). General skills can’t start more than 2D above the attribute (See Imperial Legion Training below for an option to get more starting skills).

Money and Gear: 13,000 Imperial Credits (GP) available

Languages: All characters know Draconic (the standard tongue of The Empire) and the regional language of their homeland, additional languages can be taken as specializations of the language skill.


Starting Options

Imperial Legion Training (recommended);
Characters who served 5 years in the Imperial Legions muster out with a wide variety of training and full citizenship in the Empire. Training consists of 1D of basic skill to all 30 basic skills (30 more skill dice). A character is a registered Imperial citizen with all the usual benefits, although they may not be “Zeroed” or untraceable as many other legion members know them (the trade off for being untraceable hardly seems worth it, but it is an option). Additionally all members of the legion must voluntarily take on a permanent four part geas; never to attack a true dragon (even in self defense), never to oppose the Imperial Legion in battle (you may fight a member in a bar fight, but can’t take up arms against the Legion), pay all taxes promptly (even on things the Empire wouldn’t otherwise know about), and to never allow anyone to attempt the removal of the geas.

Skill or Money:
Characters may trade 1 pip of starting skill for 1,000 credits or 1,000 credits for 1 pip of starting skill at the time of creation only (if there is a must-have piece of equipment or you really need one more high skill this is an option). Skills from Legion training and racial bonuses can not be traded.

Selling Your Soul:
If after taking all the options above you still can’t get enough money to start out the way you want you have one more option – selling your soul. A character who sells their soul can get 25,000 credits or the result of a single wish. This money cannot be traded for starting skills but can be used for any purchases desired before the game starts. A character with no soul cannot be raised or resurrected, once they die they are gone for good.

Rules: Character Creation

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