Organization: Universal Church Guild

Religious conglomerate


The Universal Church is an Imperial institution that combines all religions into a single organization and forces them to cooperate in some sense. Deities and philosophies are forced into organized categories and while debate is allowed the holy wars are outlawed.

Those who join the guild pay annual dues (1,000 credits x maximum level of prayer access they have). In exchange for this they get access to all known mystic prayers (divine spells) up to the level of access they have as well as getting a 50% discount on prayer ware (divine version of spellware), material components, holy symbols, divine focuses, and materials needed for making magic items.

Some members serve as healers within the medical community where their membership in the Universal Church Guild supersedes the need for local medical licensing. Others spend their time making in demand magic items which can be sold directly to the Universal Church Guild at 50% of base cost (allowing a 25% profit) or a member may simply work for the guild also giving the same 25% value of items made as a salary.


Organization: Universal Church Guild

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