Organization: The Firm

Adventurer/Mercenary Brokerage


The Firm is a middleman company acting as a safe broker between those who live life on the edge and those who would pay for their services. The Firm provides multiple services with the best known being a go-between for employers and mercenaries.

The are two basic contract types, open contracts much like old west bounties where an employer offers a fee for whoever completes a mission open to anyone and closed contracts where a team is hired (usually secretly) to complete a specific mission.

Open contracts are usually posted on a board and once completed the mercenaries need only bring back evidence the job is done to collect the reward.

Closed contracts are offered to a specific mercenary or team, usually selected by an officer at The Firm unless the employer asks for a specific team. The team is then given a private audience where the contract is offered; these negotiations can get tricky as The Firm won’t want to give too much information if the offer is rejected, but too little information can lead to a job being rejected once the opposition is learned.

Another service of The Firm is to buy and sell materials; they sell items to mercenary units at double the base cost regardless of legality and while this is high the convenience of dealing with the firm often is worth the extra cost to mercenaries. The Firm will also purchase materials mercenaries recover on missions at half the list rate with few if any questions asked.

Those collecting fees from The Firm may opt to leave some with The Firm as an emergency account usable to cover legal representation or extractions if they are captured or stranded on a mission but able to reach The Firm.

All services of The Firm must be paid for in advance, there is no credit. Mercenaries are paid only upon completion with no advances on a job. If there is a conflict between the employer and mercenary as to the completion of a contract The Firm decides whether the contract was satisfied or not; if a contract was partially satisfied they may make partial payment to the mercenary unit and return part of the fee to the employer (or have the mercenary unit complete the contract before giving any payment if completion is still possible).


The Firm operates on multiple planets and has their own staff of wizards who use teleportation and dimensional realms to move about. Mercenaries wanting to use these services must pay standard rates.

Organization: The Firm

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