Organization: Guild of Magic

Multi-planet magic association


The Legion Guild of Magic, also known as the Arcane Guild, Counsel of the Arcane, or The Arcane Union is a great asset to any arcane spell caster who chooses to be a member. The Guild has cataloged all known spells in the galaxy and continues to research more spells as well as magic item creation. Many members make their living producing magic items (powerful members often use a pair of simulacrum in a private dimensional realm to produce a steady supply of standard items).

Members who keep up on their annual dues (1,000 Credits x the highest level of spell access they have) may access the master database on any civilized planet (can be done wireless), as long as they have a datapad with spellware programming. In addition to access to the guild spell library containing all known spells (members are geased to share all new spells researched or discovered with the guild immediately), the character can purchase spell components and spellware at a 50% discount, use guild laboratories at no cost, and sleep in the guild dormitories at no cost.

The guild will pay 50% for any magic items created and if a character doesn’t have money to buy components the guild will allow them to work for the guild making high demand items for a payment fee (the fee is 25% of the item’s value).

Members have access to full libraries and full laboratories at guild halls, but must pay other members standard rates for any other spell services.


Organization: Guild of Magic

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