Gear: Weapon Accessories

Gadgets to add on weapons


Electronic Scope: 300 Credits, 1 lb
Scope has variable magnification to x10, provides low light vision, and range to target information. If used for a full round the character not only gets the standard 1D aiming bonus, but also doubles the effective range increment of the attached weapon. The downside is the character counts as unaware if attacked (no reflexes).

Laser Sight: 100 Credits, 1 lb
Not as effective as true aim, but can be done freely giving a 1 pip bonus to hit for the weapon it is attached to.

Silencer: 50 Credits, 1 lb
Muffles the discharge of a slugthrower weapon so the flash and report don’t give away character position. Allows character to use stealth while attacking with weapon.

Weapon Harness: 500 Credits, 15 lb
A gyro-mount wearable substitute for a tripod. Allows character to wield a weapon 1 size category larger than they are. No special penalties, but it does nothing to relieve the weight.


Box Magazine: 4 cr, 0.5 lb
For weapons that use box magazines, a character can purchase extras. Loading these extra magazines ahead of time and keeping them in a handy place makes it easy to reload a weapon in combat.

Blasting Cap: 4 cr, 0.5 lb
This is a detonator without a built-in controller. It can be wired into any electrical device, such as a light switch or a car’s ignition switch, with a Demolitions check (DC 10). When the electrical device is activated, the detonator goes off.

Radio Detonator: 24 cr, 0.5 lb
This device consists of two parts: the detonator itself and the activation device. The activation device is an electronic item about the size of a deck of cards, with an antenna, a safety, and an activation switch. When the switch is toggled, the activation device sends a signal to the detonator by radio, setting it off. It has a range of 500 feet.

Timer Detonator: 8 cr, 0.5 lb
This is an electronic timer connected to the detonator. Like an alarm clock, it can be set to go off at a particular time.

Wire Detonator: 6 cr, 1 lb
This is the simplest form of detonator. The blasting cap connects by a wire to an activation device, usually a small pistol-grip device that the user squeezes. The detonator comes with 100 feet of wire, but longer lengths can be spliced.

Optical Scope: 30 cr, 0.5 lb
A standard scope increases the range increment for a ranged weapon by one-half (multiply by 1.5). However, to use a scope a character must spend a round acquiring his or her target. If the character changes targets or otherwise lose sight of the target, he or she must reacquire the target to gain the benefit of the scope.

Speed Loader: 2 cr, 0.5 lb
A speed loader holds a number of bullets in a ring, in a position that mirrors the chambers in a revolver cylinder. Using a speed loader saves time in reloading a revolver, since a character can insert all the bullets at once.

Gear: Weapon Accessories

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