Gear: Utility Items

Miscellaneous gear


Flashlight 15 cr 1 lb.
A flashlight illuminates a cone up to 100 feet long and 50 feet wide at the end. Atypical flashlight is a handheld device about half an inch in diameter and five inches long. These lights can also be integrated into helmets, armor, and even weapons. A flashlight runs on a standard microcell for 100 hours of continuous use.

Grippers 75 cr 2 lb.
These useful devices are suction cups that can be affixed to the hands and feet. Grippers allow characters to climb flat, smooth, and dry surfaces with a successful Acrobatics (Climb) check (DC 6).

Sunglasses 10 cr, 0 lb.
These glasses come in a wide variety of designs. They are flash polarized and protect the eyes from both sunlight and intense flashes of light. Characters wearing sunglasses get a circumstance bonus of 2 on saving throws to resist intense light, including the visual effect of a flash-bang grenade.

Bodywrap 50 cr 2 lb.
This garment is effectively a straightjacket of advanced design. The skin-tight wrap encircles the body from neck to feet and renders the prisoner completely motionless. A bodywrap is, in principle, impossible to escape unless it has been applied incorrectly.

Handcuffs 40 cr, 1 lb.
The prisoner’s wrists are locked in steel restraints connected by a short length of chain. Slipping the cuffs requires an Escape Artist check (DC 31) and they have a Break DC of 26. Applying handcuffs is a full-round action.

Lantern 30 cr 2 lb.
This electric light illuminates everything in a 60-foot radius. It runs on a standard minicell for 100 hours of continuous use.

Rope 10 cr 2 lb.
This is a braided cord of synthetic polymer sold in lengths of 100 feet. It is extremely strong and very light, and one of the most useful tools in the Empire despite its simplicity.

Zipcuffs 10 cr 1/2 lb.
These disposable plastic restraints slip over a prisoner’s wrists and cinch them tightly together with a quick tug. Once they’ve been cinched tight, the restraints lock into place and a knife or other sharp implement is necessary to remove them. Slipping a pair of zipcuffs requires an Escape Artist check (DC 26) and the Break DC is 21.


Gear: Utility Items

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