Gear: Tools

Devices for working


Appraisal kit: 100 cr, 5 lb.
This kit offers a variety of optical sensors, chemical testers, and specialized electronics used to evaluate and appraise the value of a wide range of items, including gems and jewelry, coins, stamps, and other collectibles, as well as works of art.

Demolitions kit: 200 cr, 5 lb.
Masterwork Demolitions kit: 500 cr, 8 lb.
These kits contain detonators, timers, shaping molds, detonation cord, wiring, adhesive patches, tape, and a variety of hand tools. Demo kits typically do not include explosives—these must be purchased separately. Without a demolitions kit, you suffer a circumstance penalty of -2 on your Mix (Demolitions) and Stealth (Remove Trap) skill checks to set or disarm explosive charges. A Masterwork kit gives a circumstance bonus of 2.

Laser torch: 250 cr, 5 lb.
This small hand tool generates a cutting laser suitable for light mechanical tasks. It can cut through 60 inches (5 feet) of hardness-1 material each round. Thus, it could drill a hole in a 60-inch-thick block of glass or cut a circular section with a circumference of 60 inches from a 1-inch-thick windowpane. For sturdier materials, simply divide 60 by the material’s hardness to determine the number of inches the torch can cut through each round. For example, the laser torch can cut through 6 inches of Armor Rating-10 iron each round, or 3 inches of Armor Rating-20 adamantite.

Toolkit: 100 cr, 15 lb.
Toolkit, masterwork: 300 cr, 20 lb.
This kit includes a variety of common and useful tools, including a hammer, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hand drill, hand saw, nails, bolts, screws, clamps, and other fasteners. The standard toolkit gives a circumstance penalty of -2 to any task, but can be used for every type of task done with tools. The Masterwork Kit has a wider variety of tools and is better made canceling the penalty for the kit being general.

Specialized Toolkit: 500 cr, 10 lb.
Masterwork Specialized Toolkit: 1,000 cr, 15 lb.
This category covers a range of specialized toolkits that assist you with one specialty. Without a specialized toolkit, you suffer a circumstance penalty of -2 on your checks. A Masterwork Specialized Tool Kit grants a circumstance bonus of 2 to the appropriate specialty.


Briefcase: 11 cr, 2 lb
A briefcase can carry up to 5 pounds worth of gear. A briefcase can be locked (Stealth DC 16 to bypass).

Range Pack: 11 cr, 2 lb
This lightweight black bag has a spacious inner compartment capable of holding roughly 8 pounds of gear and can hold an additional 4 pounds in six zippered external compartments.

Fatigues: 18 cr, 3 lb
Called “battle dress uniforms” (or BDUs) in the United States Army, these are worn by hardened veterans and wannabes alike. They’re rugged, comfortable, and provide lots of pockets. They are also printed in camouflage patterns: woodland, desert, winter (primarily white), urban (gray patterned), and black are available. When worn in an appropriate setting, fatigues grant a 2 point bonus on stealth (hide) checks.

Uniform: 18 cr, 2 lb
From the cable guy to a senior Air Force officer, people on the job tend to wear uniforms—making such clothing an essential part of some disguises, since a uniform inclines people to trust the wearer.

Ghillie Suit: 8 cr, 5 lb
The ultimate in camouflage, a ghillie suit is a loose mesh overgarment covered in strips of burlap in woodland colors, to which other camouflaging elements can easily be added. A figure under a ghillie suit is nearly impossible to discern.
A character wearing a ghillie suit with appropriate coloration gains a 10 point bonus on stealth (hide) checks. (The suit’s coloration can be changed with 1 minute of work. However, the bulky suit imposes a penalty of –4 on all Dexterity and Perception checks except Awareness and Stealth (Hide).

Bolt Cutter: 8 cr, 5 lb
An exceptionally heavy wire cutter, a bolt cutter can snip through padlocks or chain-link fences. Using a bolt cutter requires a Strength (lifting) check (DC is HP of lock/chain).

Duct Tape: 2 cr, 1 lb
The usefulness of duct tape is limited only by a character’s imagination. Duct tape can support up to 200 pounds indefinitely. Characters bound with duct tape must make a Strength (Lifting) or Stealth (Escape Artist) check DC 16 to free themselves. A roll provides 70 feet of tape, 2 inches wide.

Spike Strip: 55 cr, 22 lb
This device is designed to help the police end car chases. The strip comes rolled in a spool about the size of a small suitcase. Deploy it by rolling it across a roadway up to 20 ft, where it lies like a flat, segmented belt. (The user can roll it out onto the road without entering the lane of traffic.) Until the strip is activated, the spikes do not protrude, and cars can pass safely over it. When the user activates it (via a control device attached to the end of the strip by a 10-foot-long cord), the spikes extend. It punctures tires causing them to deflate in 1 round.

Binoculars: 11 cr, 2 lb
Binoculars are useful for watching opponents, wild game, and sporting events from a long distance. Magnification is variable x4-x10 and ranges are considered less for spotting by that amount.

Chemical Light Stick: 1 cr (for 5), 1 lb (for 5)
This disposable plastic stick, when activated, uses a chemical reaction to create light for 6 hours. It illuminates an area only 5 feet in radius. Once activated, it can’t be turned off or reused. The listed purchase DC is for a pack of 5 sticks.

Compass: 6 cr, 0.5 lb
A compass relies on the Earth’s magnetic field to determine the direction of magnetic north.

Fire Extinguisher: 14 cr, 3 lb
This portable apparatus uses a chemical spray to extinguish small fires. The typical fire extinguisher ejects enough extinguishing chemicals to put out a fire in a 10-foot-by-10-foot area as a move action. It contains enough material for two such uses.

Penlight: 2 cr, 0.5 lb
This small flashlight can be carried on a key ring. It projects a beam of light 10 feet long and 5 feet wide at its end.

Gear: Tools

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