Gear: Space Vehicles

Ships to get around Space in


Gargantuan Class

Statistic Explorer Free Trader
Size Gargantuan Gargantuan
Hit Points 180 150
Move 300 200
Handle 2 0
AR 28 25
Range 500,000 500,000
Seats 2 2
Cargo 50,000 100,000
Cost 3,000,000 2,400,000

Explorer-class vessels are small, long-range starships used for a wide variety of nonmilitary roles. Explorers are prized by those who travel the Outlands and by any starfarers who value dependability and versatility. Explorers are light craft, and each teleport expends a single charge from the standard starcaster (has 50). As a result of this efficiency, explorers are capable of extended missions in remote areas, far from any space stations and recharging facilities. Explorers are also designed for atmospheric flight, so they can land on a planet’s surface. Smugglers, mercenaries, adventurers, and others who sometimes live on the edge of the law have been known to equip explorer-class ships with light weapons, such as forward-mounted laser cannons. Such illegal modifications usually cost twice their listed price and are only available on the black market.

This class is the most common light cargo vessel in the Empire, serving as the ship of choice for the vast majority of independent traders, merchants, and even smugglers. While not quite as efficient as an explorer, the free trader-class offers better cargo capacity, and its starcaster drive is still capable of 25 teleports before it needs recharging. Free trader captains sometimes equip their vessels with light weapons and even shields for defense against pirates and other deep-space menaces. Illegally purchased weapons cost twice their listed price, and the refit for the shield generators costs 100,000 cr per point of shields bonus, to a maximum of +10.


Gear: Space Vehicles

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