Gear: Space

Devices to help outside the atmosphere


Magnetic boots: 200 cr, 5 lb.
These boots feature powerful magnets that can be activated or deactivated at the wearer’s command. The magnets firmly attach to any metallic surface. By activating and deactivating each boot, the wearer can move slowly but surely in a zero-g environment. Magnetic boots eliminate gravity check penalties due to low- or zero-g. However, a character wearing active magnetic boots has his speed reduced by 10 feet and he cannot run. For an additional 50 cr, magnetic gauntlets are also available. When used with magnetic boots, these grant a circumstance bonus of 2 on Acrobatics (Climb) checks when used on a magnetically attractive surface.

Thruster pack: 500 cr, 10 lb.
This light harness features a compressed- gas thruster system for quick and easy maneuverability in a zero-g environment. The thruster pack can be worn with a vac suit and allows the user to move in any direction with a speed of 30 feet. The compressed gas reservoir is sufficient for one hour of continuous operation.

Vac suit: 2,200 cr, 60 lb.
This spacesuit is constructed of heavy, semi-rigid material. The high-impact plastic helmet features a polarized faceplate and integral personal communicator. Metal sealing rings connect the helmet, gloves, and boots to the suit. A vac suit offers complete protection from vacuum, radiation, and extreme temperature for up to 40 hours. After this time has elapsed, the suit’s life-support systems must be replenished and recharged.


Gear: Space

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