Gear: Robots - Legion Models

Standard robot models used by the Legion


Military Robot 60,650 Credits
This is a standard design by defense contractors across the Empire. This combat drone’s chassis is a squat, roughly hemispherical shape fitted with rugged tracks and retractable wheels for greater speed. The robot features the latest in composite construction, and its armor and hull are very difficult to penetrate. It’s equipped with an assault laser that is capable of automatic fire and most models are reasonably accurate marksmen.

Size: Medium, Hit Points: 34, Speed: 60 (wheels) 50 (treads), Armor Rating: 20, Fortitude: 10, Reflexes: 8, Willpower: 7. Melee: 4D+2, Lifting 3D, Projectiles: 4D+2 (4D+3 with laser sight), Acrobatics 4D+2, Swim 4D+2, Low Light Vision, Dark Vision 60 ft, Combat Programming, Language Processor (Draconic), Storage Compartment, Transform (Wheels/treads), Built in Assault Laser (Damage 15, Fire, Full auto, 250 ft).

Security Robot 19,050 Credits
These humanoid robots are used as cheap security, crowd control, and patrol forces by both public and private security and law enforcement organizations. Civilian activist groups sometimes protest the arming of these robots, as some models have demonstrated a lack of the judgment necessary to use weapons safely and responsibly.

Size: Medium, Hit Points: 15, Speed: 40, Armor Rating: 10, Fortitude: 8, Reflexes: 6, Willpower: 6, Acrobatics 3D+1, Persuasion (intimidate) 3D, Melee 2D+2, Projectiles 3D (3D+1 with laser sight), Low Light Vision, Bioform, Integral laser pistol (10 Fire, 100 ft), Integral laser sight, combat programming, Language Module (Draconic), Storage Compartment.

Medical Robot 8,470 Credits
These humanoid robots are used in place of organic medics in some high-threat combat situations or highrisk search-and-rescue operations. As with their technical counterparts, medbots are no substitute for a “real” medic, though they are usually better than nothing. That didn’t stop Legionnaires from giving them unflattering nicknames such as “deadbots” and “reapers.”

Size: Medium, Hit Points: 11, Speed: 40, Armor Rating: 0, Fortitude: 6, Reflexes: 5, Willpower 8, Medicine 4D+2 (4D+8 with medical equipment), Science (Biology) 4D, Awareness 3D+0, Mixing (Pharmaceutical) 3D+1, Low Light Vision, Built in Medical Equipment, Storage Compartment, Language Processor (Draconic), Bioform.

Technical Robot 6,650 Credits
These humanoid robots are used as maintenance and repair specialists, often in high-risk or hazardous environments. Even the most advanced and extraordinarily expensive models are no match for a sentient technician, but these robots are useful for many tasks. Some families keep a techbot around the house as a handyman.

Size: Medium, Hit Points: 11, Speed: 40, Armor Rating: 0, Fortitude: 6, Reflexes: 5, Willpower: 8, Build/Repair: 3D+2 (Construction, Vehicle, Electronics, Robot): 4D+2, Awareness 3D+1, Harvest 3D+2, Mixing 3D+2. Biosform, Built in Construction toolkit, Built in Electronics toolkit, Built in Electronics toolkit, built in Robot toolkit, Language module (Draconic), Storage compartment.

Recon Robot 13,660 Credits
These robots are small, spherical drones studded with lenses and microphones that zip about on tiny hoverfans. They are extremely quiet, emitting little more than a soft whir, and very difficult to spot. They can also land and extend six mechanical legs for skittering about in places where flying is difficult or too likely to be noticed. These robots are used for a wide range of surveillance and reconnaissance tasks.

Size: Tiny, Hit Points: 2, Speed: 60 (legs) 50 (fly), AR: 0, Fortitude: 6, Reflexes: 9, Willpower: 6, Stealth 4D+2, Awareness 4D+1 (4D+3 with improved sensors), 360 degree vision, 60 ft darkvision, emergency beacon, hoverlift flight, improved audio sensors, improved visual sensors, Language Module (Draconic), Multiple Legs, Personal Communicator, Remote Operation Unit, Sensory Recorder, Telescopic Vision, Transform (Flight/legs).


Gear: Robots - Legion Models

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