Gear: Robots



Robots have 2 basic components Chassis and Programs.


Size Hit Points Lifting Movement Cost
Tiny 2 1D 50 ft 500 CR
Small 5 1D+2 40 ft 1,000 CR
Medium 11 2D+1 40 ft 2,000 CR
Large 22 (AR 2) 3D+2 30 ft 4,000 CR
Huge 44 (AR 3) 5D 30 ft 8,000 CR
Gargantuan 88 (AR 4) 5D 20 ft 16,000 CR
Colossal 176 (AR 5) 6D+1 20 ft 32,000 CR


A robot skill program gives it 8 desired skills all at the same rating. Skills can include any KNO, TRA, CRA (note that robots cannot use magic and will only be able to recognize it or give encyclopedic information) and Awareness.

Program Level determines price for program package and what the code for all the skills are.

Program Level Skill Code Cost
1 3D 1,000
2 3D+1 4,000
3 3D+2 9,000
4 4D 16,000
5 4D+1 25,000
6 4D+2 36,000
7 5D 42,000
8 5D+1 64,000
9 5D+2 81,000
10 6D 100,000
11 6D+1 121,000
12 6D+2 144,000
13 7D 169,000
14 7D+1 196,000
15 7D+2 225,000
16 8D 256,000
17 8D+1 289,000
18 8D+2 324,000
19 9D 361,000
20 9D+1 400,000


360° Vision 300 cr
Secondary optical sensors allow the robot to see in all directions at once. The robot gains a circumstance bonus of 2 on Awareness (Spot Ambush) checks

AI Module 5,000 cr
This processor upgrade vastly improves a robot’s ability to reason and learn, mimicking true intelligence. The AI module allows a robot to use any skill untrained that an organic character could use untrained (treat as 2D)

Biosynthetic Conversion 1,500 cr
This upgrade must be incorporated into a robot’s original construction. The robot is designed to mimic the appearance of an organic being. It has synthetic skin that, while unnaturally pale and resistant to the touch, looks vaguely realistic. Biosynthetic robots are usually completely hairless and have obviously electronic eyes, but they can otherwise pass for organic.

Combat Programming 3,000 cr
Robot program selections can include Dexterity skills as well as those listed above.

Darkvision 1,200 cr
Robots with this multi-spectrum imaging upgrade can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and robots with this upgrade can function just fine with no light at all.

Emergency Beacon 150 cr
The robot has an internal radio transmitter that can be activated as a free action to generate a continuous, pulsing telemetry signal intended to guide rescuers or operators.

Enhanced Lifting
add 2 400 cr
add 4 1,600 cr
add 6 3,600 cr

Hoverlift 3,000 cr
The robot has vectored-thrust turbofans that allow it to fly at its base speed with good maneuverability. The robot must be Tiny or Small to use this upgrade, and most feature a spherical or disc-shaped chassis—the upgrade will not work with a conventional bipedal robot chassis.

Improved Audio Sensors 80 cr
This upgrade provides both enhanced hardware and sophisticated programming to filter and process auditory data. A robot with this upgrade gains an upgrade bonus of 2 on Awareness (Listen) checks.

Improved Visual Sensors 80 cr
This upgrade provides both enhanced hardware and more sophisticated programming to filter and process visual data. A robot with this upgrade gains an upgrade bonus of 2 on Awareness (Vision) checks.

Integral Laser Sight 150 cr
This device is usually built into one of the robot’s eyes or optical sensors. A robot with an integral laser sight gains a upgrade bonus of 1 on all ranged attack rolls.

Integral Toolkit toolkit cost variable
The robot is equipped with small, retractable appendages and precision manipulators fitted with a variety of useful tools. Both standard and specialized toolkits are available at the listed prices and must be purchased separately.

Integral Weapons weapon cost variable
The robot is fitted with integral melee or ranged weapons. If the weapon is at least one size category smaller than the robot, the weapon can be internal or retractable. If it is equal to or larger than the robot’s size category, the weapon must be external. On bipedal military robots, heavy weapons are often mounted on the shoulders or may even replace the robot’s conventional arms.

Language Module 500 cr
This upgrade allows the robot to speak and write an automatic language.

Laser Torch 250 cr
One of the robot’s appendages is fitted with a retractable, internally powered laser torch. The torch is otherwise identical in all respects to the standard tool of the same name.

Manipulators 1,000 cr
Conventional humanoid robots are always equipped with standard arms and hands that allow them to perform a wide range of tasks. Other robot designs, however, call for spherical, disc-shaped, or spiderlike chasses. Manipulators are not standard in these designs, but they may be added. These manipulators are often retractable, allowing them to be completely withdrawn into the robot’s chassis. They allow the robot to perform any tasks that a humanoid robot could ordinarily perform with its arms or hands.

Motion Sensors 80 cr
The robot is equipped with internal sensors capable of detecting movement. The robot gains an upgrade bonus of 2 vs stealth checks to notice moving objects, creatures, or characters.

Multiple Legs 1,250 cr
The robot has multiple legs and often resembles a mechanical animal such as a quadruped or spider. The robot’s base speed is increased by 10 feet and it gains an upgrade bonus of 2 on Acrobatics checks. Humanoid robots are sometimes given this package, in which case the conventional legs are simply replaced and the humanoid torso is retained. More commonly, a robot with multiple legs is given a semispherical spiderlike chassis that is more practical for the design. Such robots are often given manipulators.

add 2 800 cr
add 4 3,200 cr
add 6 7,200 cr
add 8 12,800 cr
add 10 20,000 cr

Personal Communicator 100 cr
The robot is equipped with an integral system that features radio, cellular, and satellite communications capabilities. Ranges and other characteristics are identical to the standard personal communicator.

Personality Module 2,500 cr
This specialized sub-processor greatly enhances the capabilities of a robot’s computerized
brain. While it does not confer self-awareness or true sentience, it does allow the robot to effectively mimic the personality and behavior of a sentient being. The module makes interaction with the robot almost indistinguishable from interaction with a real person. A robot with this package may have any Perception skills in their program list.

Magnetic Grippers 120 cr
This upgrade typically only works with walking robots. Magnetic grippers on the robot’s feet or appendages allow it to move more effectively in zero gravity environments, as long as there is a suitable metallic surface to traverse.

Medical Package 420 cr
This upgrade features hardware that allows a robot to treat injuries and illnesses. It includes all of the capabilities of a medkit and diagnostic monitor, providing a total circumstance bonus of 6 to the robot’s Medicine checks. The robot must still be programmed with the Heal skill (or be equipped with an AI module) to use this upgrade effectively.

Multiscanner 2,500 cr
The robot is equipped with an integral sensor package that features all of the capabilities of a standard multiscanner.

Reinforced Construction
Add 5 to AR 10,000 cr
Add 10 to AR 20,000 cr

Remote Operation Unit 1,000 cr
This upgrade allows a robot to be operated remotely using a standard datapad and wireless communications link. Ordinarily, a robot must be given commands and these commands must be fairly general. A remote operation unit allows a character to control all of a robot’s actions, issuing specific commands as they are needed. A remote operations unit has a standard range of about 10 miles (charater uses their own skills but at -1D for remote operation).

Security Scanner 1,000 cr
Surveillance and security robots are most commonly equipped with this upgrade. It features all the capabilities of a standard security scanner.

Sensory Recorder 1,000 cr
The robot’s optical and auditory sensors are linked to an internal holographic recorder. The upgrade comes with sufficient onboard storage for 100 hours of recordings, and data can also be uploaded to a datapad or external recorder for long-term storage and backup.

Storage Compartment 50 cr
This is a small, sealing, internal storage area. The amount of cargo the compartment will hold depends on the size category of the robot: Tiny 1 lb.; Small 5 lb.; Medium-size 10 lb.; Large 25 lb.; Huge 50 lb.; Gargantuan 100 lb.; Colossal 200 lb.

Telescopic Vision 500 cr
The robot’s optical sensors feature magnification and zoom capabilities. The robot suffers a –1 penalty on Awareness (Vision) checks for every 100 feet of distance rather than every 10 feet.

Treads 1,000 cr
thick treads that greatly increase the robot’s traction in difficult terrain. The robot’s base speed is increased by 10 feet and movement penalties for poor surface conditions are eliminated. Overland movement rates through difficult terrain are improved by one step. For example, x1 offroad movement in scrub, rough terrain and x3/4 offroad movement in forest terrain

Transform Conversion 1,500 cr
This upgrade allows the robot to switch between two different movement modes (bipedal, multipedal, wheeled, tread, hoverlift, etc.). The equipment for one movement mode is typically retracted into the robot’s chassis while the other is in use. For example, a surveillance robot may be equipped with multiple legs as well as a hoverlift package. When the hover fans are operating, the spiderlike legs retract into the robot’s spherical chassis. This upgrade only allows the robot to switch between two modes. It may be purchased multiple times to give a robot more than two movement modes.

Wheels 800 cr
The robot is equipped with wheels that serve as its primary means of movement and mobility. This upgrade increases the robot’s base speed by 20 feet.

Gear: Robots

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