Gear: Medical Equipment

Devices to heal


Autodoc: 15,000 cr, 400 lb.
This cutting-edge device is designed as a substitute for the emergency medical facilities of a small trauma center or military infirmary. The integral datapad and diagnostic monitor allow the unit to diagnose most illnesses and traumas. Equipped with a wide variety of fully articulated medical instruments, sensors, imaging scanners, and pharmaceuticals, the autodoc is designed to stabilize and treat critical patients.

An autodoc immediately stabilizes a dying patient who is placed inside it as long as they are alive and not below -12 hit points. The patient is considered to be recovering with help for the purposes of regaining consciousness. Further, the patient recovers 4 hit points for each full day he remains in the autodoc.

Diagnostic monitor: 300 cr 1 lb.
These devices are used to quickly and accurately assess a patient’s medical status. When placed against the patient’s skin, the diagnostic monitor samples a wide range of vital signs and prompts the attending medic with a condition summary and treatment priorities. A monitor gives the user a circumstance bonus of 2 on Medicine (Healing) Checks.

Medkit: 120 cr 5 lb.
Medical kits are found in the packs of most every explorer, soldier, and adventurer. They are small and easy to use and offer a wide variety of useful emergency medical supplies. A medkit grants a circumstance bonus of 4 on Medicine checks. It contains enough supplies for five treatments, after which it must be replaced or replenished.


Gear: Medical Equipment

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