Gear: Espionage

Devices for being sneaky


Chameleon suit: 1,100 cr, 1 lb.
The fabric of this loose-fitting jumpsuit is a durable polymer weave fitted with phototropic implants that cause the suit’s surface to automatically match the appearance of its surroundings. Characters wearing a chameleon suit gain a circumstance bonus of 4 on Stealth (Hide) checks. This bonus is lost if a potential observer has a thermal imaging device.

Disguise kit: 380 cr, 5 lb.
These kits contain thin polymer molds custom-fit to the user’s facial structure and a wide variety of modular implants and appliances. The user can craft any number of partial or full facial masks with the molds, and the tone and texture of the polymer imitates that of real skin. The implants and appliances can be used to create effects such as pigmentation, scarring, simulated injuries, body heat, or facial twitches. Contact lenses, hairpieces, and other such accessories are also included. A disguise kit grants the user a circumstance bonus of 4 on Persuasion (Disguise) checks.

Electronic lockpicks: 250 cr, 3 lb.
Masterwork Electronic lockpicks: 500 cr, 5 lb.
These specialized intrusion tools are needed to bypass or open electronic locks. You can attempt to open such a lock with standard electronics tools, but you suffer a circumstance penalty of -2. The Masterwork set are good enough to give a circumstance bonus of 2 to Stealth (Lockpick) if the locks are electronic.

Forgery lab: 1,000 cr 50 lb.
A forgery lab includes the special paper, plates, inks, dyes, cutting tools, laminating materials, and imaging devices you need to make both hardcopy and electronic forgeries. A forgery lab grants you a circumstance bonus of 10 on Art (Forgery) checks.

Intrusion suit: 2,400 cr 2 lb.
The intrusion suit is a form-fitting body stocking that features the same phototropic properties found in a chameleon suit. However, the intrusion suit also incorporates thermal wiring and hundreds of tiny chemical reservoirs that match the wearer’s thermal signature to the temperature of his surroundings. The intrusion suit provides the same circumstance bonus of 4 to Stealth (Hide) checks as a chameleon suit, even if thermal imaging is used.

Lockbreaker: 150 cr 1 lb.
This intrusion device looks like a simple mechanical handgun. The end of the barrel is placed against a lock and the trigger is squeezed repeatedly to force a serrated key-blade into the mechanism, forcing the tumblers and causing the lock to disengage. Lockbreakers are very effective, but they use brute force to accomplish their task and are aptly named: They render any lock they’re used against completely inoperable. Lockbreakers grant a circumstance bonus of 10 on Stealth (Lockpick) checks against conventional mechanical locks. They are not effective against other designs, such as combination locks or electronic locks.

Microbug: 50 cr 0 lb.
This device is a microphone, radio transmitter, and internal power cell combined in a single miniature package. A microbug’s power supply is not sufficient for continuous transmission, so it stores recorded data until its memory is full and then sends it using compressed burst transmissions. The range of these transmissions is a mere 200 feet, but portable relays can be used to boost the signal.

Safecracker’s kit: 550 cr 10 lb.
This kit can only be purchased by characters with appropriate security credentials or those with contacts in the criminal underworld. The kit includes a variety of power drills, files, clamps, and other tools specially designed for defeating complex mechanical locks. The kit also features a small fiber optic camera that can be inserted into a drilled hole to view the position of tumblers and other lock components. A safecracker’s kit grants a circumstance bonus of 4 on Open Lock checks against complex mechanical locks, such as combination safe locks.

Signal jammer: 750 cr 1 lb.
This handheld or belt-clip device generates a random broadband signal designed to reduce the effectiveness of remote sensors and interfere with radio transmissions. It generates broadband white noise and low-level microwave energy, as well as subsonic, infrared, and ultraviolet strobe effects. The signal jammer does not prevent detection, of course—indeed, it makes it a forgone conclusion. However, it can make electronic surveillance of content and detail almost impossible. It can mask conversations, prevent clear holographic recording, and block most imaging technologies, including infrared, ultraviolet, and low-power sonar and radar.


Gear: Espionage

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