Gear: Currency

Money in the Empire


The standard rate of exchange in the Empire is the Credit. It has the same buying power as a Gold Piece in classic fantasy worlds and a more variable amount in modern worlds (generally equal to $5 US).

Most exchanges in civilized worlds are done electronically through a credit chip; there is no limit to what a credit chip can store and exchanges are made instantly (it may be the next day before major banking institutions make a permanent record of the exchange, but the money can be used right away).

The Empire also issues paper notes for those operating in areas without data access (or wanting to not have their transactions monitored) and these are available in 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 credit denominations. Transactions below one credit are done electronically or by coin. The empire uses it’s own silver and copper coins, but all true valuable metal coins are accepted at face value (1 platinum is 10 Credits, 1 gold is 1 credit, 1 silver is 1/10 credit, and 1 copper is 1/100 credit).

As with other D20 sources coins are 50 to a pound – dime sized (as are chips if someone elects to have lots of them) while paper currency is 200 to a pound (a bundle of 100 bills is 1/2 a pound).


Death by taxes: While the idea of bringing peace and prosperity to the galaxy may sound good on Imperial propaganda the real reason for having an Empire is to collect money from across the galaxy. The Empire expects 50% of all monetary gains to be paid in taxes (those who served in the Legions generally can’t overcome the geas to pay this tax), and while local municipals can’t tax Imperial citizens property or income most skirt the rules chargings sales and service taxes such as toll roads and gates and require expensive permits for routine activities.

Gear: Currency

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