Gear: Communications

Data Devices


Credit Chip: 1 CR, 0 lb
These ubiquitous devices are datachips with financial credit stored on them. They are effectively credit cards with the credit recorded on the onboard memory chip. Credit chips can be swiped through automated processors, and they can beam transactions to other credit chips or datapads. When a transaction is made, the total is automatically deducted from the balance on the chip. Credit chips are thumbprint or pheromone activated, but they can be hacked with a Stealth (hacking) check (DC 21). A hacked chip will recognize the hacker as an authorized user.

Datachip: 1 CR, 0 lb blank (50 CR, 0 lb with database)
These small, flat optical disks can store up to one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of data—sufficient storage for 50,000 fully illustrated encyclopedia volumes. A wide range of applications and searchable, customizable database programs are available commercially. Each specialization under KNO and CRA has a database available.

Datapad: 300 CR, 1 lb
This is a lightweight, handheld personal computer. It can be used as a notepad, personal scheduler, calculator, graphics tablet, and library. Standard datapads use verbal or cursor input, though collapsible keyboards are also available for rigorous or technical tasks. Data is typically displayed on a holographic projection, digital glasses, or the integrated flatscreen display. Standard features include a datachip port and wireless modem for networking and communications.

Datapads provide users with a circumstance bonus of 2 on appropriate ability or skill checks. If the user has purchased specific database programs, the datapad provides a circumstance bonus of 2 on related skill checks that depend primarily on information involved in that specialization. A datapad has sufficient onboard storage for 10 data programs, which can be installed from datachips.

Language Translator: 200 CR, 1 lb
This headset inlcudes an earpiece, microphone, and clip-on audio speaker. When the appropriate datachip is inserted into the unit, spoken language is translated in real-time by the computer and output to the earpiece. Likewise, when the user speaks into the microphone, his words are immediately translated into the appropriate language and output to the clip-on speaker. A language translator allows instantaneous, near-fluent communication in any language for which the user has a datachip, though the translations are notoriously flat and academic. Skill checks for bargain and persuasion using a language translator suffer a –4 circumstance penalty. Each language chip costs 100 cr.

Personal Communicator: 100 CR, 0 lb
These small and versatile units are typically mounted in a light headset, a single earplug, or a tiny pin that can be clipped to the user’s clothing. Personal communicators are generally voiceactivated and can operate through subvocalization or bone conduction. These devices integrate radios and satellite uplinks for a broad range of wireless communications tasks. The radios have a line-of-sight range of about 10 miles. Using cellular relays, they can be used anywhere within the operating area of a city, continent, or planet with a developed telecommunications network. Finally, using satellite uplinks, the devices allow global and orbital communication on any planet with an accessible network of communication satellites.


Gear: Communications

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