Gear: Clothing

Stuff to wear


Work clothes 20 cr 3 lb.
This outfit includes a long-sleeved shirt, undershirt, and trousers of heavy, durable fabric. It also includes a heavy leather belt, gloves, and boots.

Dress clothes 50 cr 2 lb.
Men wear suits in a variety of styles, while women favor dresses. Fashion is extremely open in the Empire, and countless designs and styles are available. Dress clothes are the uniform of those who work in business and government and commoners also wear them for special occasions.

Formal clothes 200 cr 2 lb.
Black, tailored suits for the men and elegant gowns in various styles and colors for the women. Among the nobility, formal wear is often decorated with the heraldry of the wearer’s House.

Casual clothes 35 cr 1 lb.
Light, loose fitting clothes in a broad range of colors, styles, and cuts. A casual outfit includes a shirt or blouse, trousers, pants, or a skirt, and comfortable shoes.

Outdoor clothes 50 cr 3 lb.
These outfits feature durable, weatherproofed garments, including shirts, trousers, boots, belts, and vests or jackets. These clothes are worn by outdoor sportsmen, explorers, scouts, field scientists, and anyone else who works or plays in wilderness areas.

Winter clothes 40 cr 4 lb.
This clothing features heavy, lined coats, warm trousers and pants, and insulated gloves and boots. These clothes are common among those living, working, or traveling in cold climates.


Gear: Clothing

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