Gear: Air Vehicles

Machines you can fly in


VTOL Aircraft

Statistic Utility VTOL Strike VTOL
Size Gargantual Gargantuan
Hit Points 80 100
Move 200 300
Handle 10 14
AR 20 30
Range 800 1,200
Seats 11 1
Cargo 2,000 100
Cost 100,000 500,000

These small vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft are used to transport cargo and passengers throughout the Empire. VTOLs can hover in place.

This VTOL fighter-bomber is the most common combat aircraft in the Empire. The strike aircraft is effective in both intercept and ground strike roles and combines excellent maneuverability with good stealth. (Sensors give pilot a bonus of 5 to Awareness, Stealth System makes it Difficulty 21 to detect on sensors, Has a laser cannon and 16 shot missile system with a targeting computer for a 2 point bonus to hit).


Gear: Air Vehicles

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