Background: Imperial History


The natives of Aedifex were much like those of Earth, they believed they were the only intelligent species and that intelligent life had developed on their planet free of the influence of gods or magic. Unlike Earth they hit their technological stride earlier and discovered the ability to generate and store electricity much more efficiently. The advanced technology allowed for the use of robots and energy weapons, but many super technologies continued to elude them so they were never able to achieve artificial gravity, force fields, or faster than light travel. Eventually they had overpopulated their own system and depleted most of its resources making an interstellar mission a reality. Their advanced technology would allow them to achieve a speed around one tenth the speed of light, although with acceleration and deceleration it would still be a thirty year journey to the nearest star they suspected was habitable. The ship set out with a thousand crew and a hundred thousand preserved embryos to populate the new system should it prove viable.

The colonists from Aedifex survived the journey and found a planet with a rich biosphere which even from space they could tell had some form of primitive sentient species. It had taken the majority of the colonists lives to reach their new world and there was no way to return home or reach a new planet, so it was decided the existing populace would need to share the planet peacefully or be eliminated and having lost seventy nine colonists on the journey it was decided to send down war robots in a show of force to ensure compliance without risking more Aedifian lives. The initial strikes were very successful, but the locals fought back with hidden technology rivaling that of Aedifex and the colonists were forced to look for a region rich in minerals they could use to build their forces as the locals were proving difficult to tame.

Several satellites were put out and an area with the resources they needed was selected and their forces were moved to secure the location as shuttles started moving all the colony supplies down and then dismantled the ship for ready materials. Soon the minor troubles they had encountered became a nightmare as it turned out the hidden technology was in fact magic and there were many other more violent and powerful species on the planet with them and some were immune to their weapons. A desert rich in potential explosives became a focus in rebuilding their weapons and there they encountered something more fearsome than all the forces they had faced before uncovering the territory of an ancient dragon.

Tonitrus was very old and while at first he only destroyed the invading pests like normal, but they feared he would come after them and sent in their air forces using missiles and plasma weapons in an attempt to finish the dragon before it could retaliate. Realizing he faced a new type of opponent Tonitrus captured a group of soldiers and learned their secrets. Soon Tonitrus had taken control of the colony and put them to work building an army. The army took over the surrounding areas growing into an empire. Tonitrus encouraged his troops to incorporate magic and technology together to defeat their foes and make him rich and powerful. Eventually his actions alerted enough of the planet that armies banded together to oppose him and the other dragons opposed him as well. Tonitrus formed several alliances with other evil dragons, but some refused to be subservient to him and all the good dragons opposed him leading to extremely bloody battles which nearly ended the dragon populations on their world. In the end Tonitrus was killed, but faced with an unwinnable war and fear of the power vacuum Tonitrus would leave behind the remaining dragons both good and evil agreed to form a joint government to rule the planet.

A hundred years or so after the colonists of Aedifex had arrived the Arcane Empire was born, ruled by a council of dragons it was more of a dracocracy, but regardless of what it was called the face of Medeis was changed drastically and the dragons went from powerful but remote beings to a ruling class. It was another fifty years before the technomancers of Medeis were able to combine the Aedifex technology with the Medeis magic to create ships which would carry their armies to other planets. Aedifex was their first target, and one of their most difficult victories due to the high technology and large population. The Empire was determined to take Aedifex and spent twenty years achieving domination of the system. Trade between the two systems proved profitable and soon the Empire set out to find new systems.

Over the next few millennium the Empire continued to expand until the controlled thousands of worlds. By the time the Empire came to Earth they had thousands of years in experience dominating planets and while the war dragged on for five years in the end the Earth fell to the Empire as well. Since there were no native dragons on Earth a dragon from another system was brought in to become the local governor, Dominceps a very old silver dragon has tried to be a benevolent ruler and disrupt the lives of the humans as little as possible, although it rarely makes the newly conquered population feel better about being ruled by an alien being.

Of the initial invading force of ten million troops, only 1 million was left behind to keep the planet in check, although nearly ten million humans from earth left to join the Imperial Legion within the first five years of Imperial rule. A five year service in the Imperial Legion would come with training in both advanced technology and magic as well as being granted the benefits of Imperial citizenship.


Background: Imperial History

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