Nathaniel Archer

Firm Representative


Mr. Archer runs a branch office of the Firm in the Chase Bank building at 23rd and Jackson in Seattle. His staff is small, exclusively Elven and Asian women, and very busy on headsets and computers. He likes to have initial business meeting over coffee ant Starbucks, where he spends a large part of his day with his laptop and phone conducting Firm business. He usually meets clients at his office for important business such as contract signing and fulfillment, payment vouchers (which Chase Bank cashes), and gear requisitions (which he refers to the appropriate Firm branch).

He speaks a dozen languages, has degrees in both Law and Business, and is still looks like he is in his twenties. He doesn’t carry a gun, have any military or other combat experience, or appear to be skilled in violence. He has at least some magical abilities and even the casual observer may catch him using simple spells that make life easier. His business card is usually enough to repel would be assailants. Attacking a member of the Firm is suicide.

Nathaniel Archer

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