Combat Ground Specialist


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: (Creator)

Size: Medium
Move: 30
Hit Points: 18
Bloodied: 9
Arcane: 9
Faith: (9)
Armor: 7
Hero Points: 1
Skill Points: 5
Reflex: 18
Fortitude: 18
Will: 12

Dexterity: 4D
Artillery: 5D
Melee: 6D
Brawling (7D)
Projectiles: 6D
Pistol, Rifle (7D)
Reflexes: 6D
Throwing: 5D

Knowledge: 2D
Faith: 3D
Languages: 3D
Medicine: 3D
Science: 3D
Willpower: 4D

Transport: 2D
Air Vehicles: 3D
Beast Riding: 3D
Ground Vehicles: 3D
Space Vehicles: 3D
Water Vehicles: 3D

Perception: 4D
Awareness: 6D
Bargain: 6D
Persuasion: 6D
Stealth: 6D
Survival: 5D

Strength: 4D
Acrobatics: 5D
Fortitude: 6D
Lifting: 6D
Swimming: 5D
Toughness: 6D

Craft: 2D
Arcane: 3D
Art: 3D
Build and Repair: 3D
Harvest: 3D
Mixing: 3D

Weapon (Type/Damage/Range/Ammo/Location/Weight)
Blaster Pistol+1: (Electricity/12+1/100 ft/30/Belt/3 lb/2,900 CR)
Assault Blaster (Electricity/20/200 ft/20/Case/12 lb/2,000 CR)
Stun Gauntlet (Subdual/2+6/50/Case/2 lb/75 CR)

Armor (Armor Rating/Weight/Move/Arcane/Perception)
Masterwork Combat Jumpsuit+1 (7/2,250 CR/10 lb/0/-2/0)

Equipment (Location/Weight)
Electronic Scope: (300 Credits, 1 lb, on Assault Blaster), 2 Laser Sight: (200 Credits, 1 lb each, on assault rifle and blaster pistol), Dress Clothes (50 CR, 2 lb), Formal Clothes (200 CR, 2 lb), Datapad: (300 CR, 1 lb), Personal Communicator: (100 CR, 0 lb), Backpack-Gun Case: (40 cr, 2 lb.), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750 CR, 1 lb), Wand of True Strike (750 CR, 1 lb), 5 Minicells (75 CR, 2.5 lb).

Imperial Credits:

Carried Weight:
39 lb (90 lb to be encumbered)

Special Abilities:
Legion Package (1D in every base skill, cannot attack dragons, cannot oppose legion, must pay all taxes).







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