Daeon Shadowhawk

Elven Thief/Mage


Name: Daeon Shadowhawk
Species: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 250
Religion: Agnostic

Size: Medium
Move: 30 (60, swim 60, fly 60)
Hit Points: 15 (18)
Bloodied: 8 (9)
Arcane: 18 (27)
Faith: 0
Armor: 7 (17 vs projectiles, 37 vs Fire, Acid, Sonic, Cold, Electricity)
Hero Points: 1
Skill Points: 5
Reflex: 18 (28 – SR 17)
Fortitude: 15 (24 – SR 17)
Will: 12 (21/23 vs Enchantment – SR 17)

Dexterity: 5D (5D+3)
Artillery: 5D (5D+9)
Melee: 5D (5D+9)
Swords (6D/6D+9)
Projectiles: 5D (5D+9)
Bows (6D/6D+11)
Reflexes: 6D (6D+10)
Throwing: 5D (5D+9)

Knowledge: 2D (2D+3)
Faith: 2D (2D+9)
Languages: 3D (3D+9)
Medicine: 3D (3D+9)
Science: 3D (3D+9)
Willpower: 4D (4D+9)

Transport: 2D (2D+3)
Air Vehicles: 3D (3D+9)
Beast Riding: 3D (3D+9)
Ground Vehicles: 3D (3D+9)
Space Vehicles: 2D (2D+9)
Water Vehicles: 2D (2D+9)

Perception: 4D (4D+3)
Awareness: 5D (5D+9, 5D+11 with racial bonus)
Bargain: 5D (5D+9)
Persuasion: 5D (5D+9)
Stealth: 6D (6D+9)
Survival: 4D (4D+9)

Strength: 2D (2D+3)
Acrobatics: 4D (4D+9/4D+13 for climbing)
Fortitude: 5D (5D+9)
Lifting: 2D (2D+9)
Swimming: 2D (2D+9)
Toughness: 5D (5D+9)

Craft: 3D (3D+3)
Arcane: 7D (7D+9/7D+11 to overcome spell resistance)
Art: 3D (3D+9)
Build and Repair: 3D (3D+9)
Harvest: 3D (3D+9)
Mixing: 3D (3D+9)

Weapon (Type/Damage/Range/Ammo/Location/Weight):
Wand of Fireball – 10th (Fire/30/800 ft/50/sleeve/1 lb)
Wand of Magic Missile – 9th (Force/3 × 5/190 ft/50/sleeve/1 lb)

Armor (Armor Rating/Weight/Move/Arcane/Perception):
Flight Suit of Blending+3 (AR-7, 6 lb, 0, 0, 0)

Equipment (Location/Weight)
Imperial Arcane Magic Guild Membership (9th level access), 2 Spellware Datapads (50 levels each, 1 lb each), Ring of Elemental Command – Fire, Ring of Invisibility, Belt of Physical Might – 6 (adds 3 to DEX, TRA, and STR), Headband of Mental Prowess – 6 (adds 3 to KNO, PER, and CRA), Mantle of Spell Resistance (SR-17), Pearl of Power 9 (9 Arcane points), Crystal Ball with True Seeing, Boots of Teleportation (3/day), Lavender and Green Ioun Stone (Absorbs spells up to 8th level, 50 levels total), Orange prism Ioun Stone (all spells get 1 extra caster level over arcane spent), 3 Purple Prism Ioun Stone (each stores a 3rd level spell cast at 10th level), Pale Green Prism (bonus of 1 to all skill rolls and saves), Iridescent Spindel Ioun Stone (Sustains without Air), Clear Spindle (Sustains without food and water), Rose Prism (Adds 1 to Reflexes), Periapt of Proof vs Poison (Immune to poison), Bracers of Archery (Bonus of 2 to hit and 1 to damage with all bows), Stone of good luck (Bonus of 1 to all skill rolls and saves), Portable Hole (extradimensional Storage), Glove of storing (holds up to 20 lb), Pearl of Sirines (Breath water, swim 60, cast spells underwater unhindered), Personal communicator, Datapad (Chips for all major specializations).


Daeon is a successful thief/mage who has managed to use magic to make himself nearly invulnerable. Using magic he has pilfered and manipulated a considerable fortune and used it to gain additional magic. He can often be found in his personal tower, in reality a Dimensional Realm, but often become bored with his dominated servants and seeks others to impress with his considerable power. While he carries many magic items all of them are treated as having invisibility and non-detection upon them if plausible (non-detection will be at 28 to overcome).

While characters are likely to be invited into his dimensional realm so he may impress them they are unlikely to learn he has a second highly secret dimensional realm where his original body resides (if characters kill him his body and everything still on it vanishes, although anything dropped or given away remains). It generally takes a few days for Daeon to reappear after being killed since he has to replenish his array of spells.

Features of Daeon’s Dimensional Realms are Positive Energy (heal 2 hp/round), Enhanced Timeless Magic (Spells treated as 2 caster levels higher and permanent), Timeless (Don’t age, hunger, or thirst in realm but upon leaving all lost time returns).

Spells Permanently on Daeon: Ant Haul (Carry 3 times normal), Greater Arcane sight (Detect magic and determine school), Biolocation (Real body is safely in hidden realm), Certain Grip (never accidentally drops things and bonus of 4 to climbing), Comprehend Languages (read any Language), True Speech (Speak to any thinking being), Deathless (Cannot die from hit point loss – can be bloodied or rendered comatose), Delay Pain (Can’t feel pain), Detect Thoughts (Can read minds with a few rounds concentration – up to will 28), Expeditious Retreat (Add 30 to movement – total not base), Fly (Fly movement 60), Greater Heroism (adds 4 to all skills and saves), Mind Blank (Cannot read mind), Pilfering Hand (as mage hand but can manipulate), Prestidigitation (any minor tricks), Protection from Arrows (AR10 bonus vs projectiles), Protection from Evil (cannot be possessed), Greater Prying Eyes (invisible eyes with true sight), Read Magic (read magic books and scrolls), Resist Energy (AR 30 vs Fire, Acid, Sonic, Cold, Electricity), See Invisible, Spider Climb, Unseen Servant, Greater Resist Aging (no penalties for age), Urban Grace (ignore many hindrances in movement), Contingency (Dispel Magic on his Bilocation Spell should he become unconscious).

Additional Notes: Daeon’s Secret Dimensional Realm is well hidden with nondetection and private sanctum magics as well as various barriers (walls of force, prismatic wall) to keep unwanted invaders out. His real body is surrounded by personal treasures which he can transfer to his projected body by picking up (as per Bilocation), and he has a simulacrum of himself with a ring of 3 wishes instructed to wish him back to life should anyone successfully kill him.

Daeon Shadowhawk

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