Arcane Empire

Zombie Land (Feb-01)

Baron Samedi and crew

Baron Samedi is a voodoo necromancer who has been trying to raise an army of undead, mostly zombies with occasional skeletons, ghouls, ghasts, and wraiths mixed in.

He operates in the swamps outside New Orleans and has caused enough damage to raise a 50,000 credit bounty to pay for his termination.

The team learned from the dead cultists the main attack was on the capital building that day and went to intercept. The took out a swarm of 60 zombies on the freeway, helped some other mercenaries fight off some skeletons with guns then moved on to the capital building.

There were lots of zombies, ghouls, ghasts, and a wraith being commanded by the necromancer when the characters arrived. Ghost shot the necromancer, Weisser lauched a fireball into the ghouls and ghasts, and Asteri went after the Wraith with her channeling powers.

A team of skeletons opened fire with assault rifles while the wraith attacked Asteri and another wraith rose from a corpse. Weisser fire balled the skeletons while Ghost and Asteri did enchantments to fight the wraiths.

Asteri ended up getting bloodied in the fight with the Wraiths calling upon divine help (a hero point) to defeat the last wraith. Weisser went into the capital building to fight the ghasts inside also using a hero point to fight them and resorting to pistol whipping with his empty gun to finish off the last two.

Weisser held the last of the zombies at bay with a fire hose until Asteri could come in and blast them while ghost mopped up the zombies outside.

The team rented a room for a week and the next day Ghost went out to scout for the necromancer's compound using a local guide to find it and invisibility to move through the camp killing the cultist followers. He rescued the 5 prisoners and called in the other team members to help clean up.

The team sold off the cultist's gear while turning over the victim's stolen goods to the local police and then paying Air-Wiz to teleport them home.          



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