Arcane Empire

Return to Alterra part 2 (May 01)

Treasure Hunting and Relief work

After cleaning up and Hallowing the grave yard the characters returned a couple corpses to their proper places, but many more villagers were lost during the zombie infection and the characters may be asked to help inter the dead once the villagers feel safe doing so. The team is on a mission to recover a pair of artifacts, but has taken an interest in helping the village even going as far as entertaining the idea of removing the vampire from power.

The characters went to the mansion and discovered the burgomaster's body and his daughter. Boondocks resurrected and restored the burgomaster while Ben restored and put mind blank on his daughter. The group headed out to speak to the gypsies with the burgomaster and his daughter going along and encountered a paladin fighting ghosts who also joined the group. The gypsy gave a reading and the character set out in search of the items. Hammer conviced the gypsie to give up the amulet and the team fought a hag and a pair of demons after getting past a ghost wall and recovered the book.

The team then returned to the Tavern to rest up and prepare to take on the other hags.          



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