Arcane Empire

Return to Alterra (May 01)

Necropolis Awaits

Another 10,000,000 CR job awaits, this time going into Necropolis to gain the Phylactery of DREXO; a lich lord who may have an army of subserviant liches working for him. If the characters were to succeed it would be an opportunity for those who missed out on the last big payday to catch up, assuming the characters fail it would put their Dimensional Realm safeguards to the test.  

The characters picked up a slightly less lucrative contract for 500,000 credits if both the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and the Book of Strahd can be recovered in Barovia. They kept a tentative interest in the big contract, gathering more information on DREXO and his enemies in Zor, but ended up going to Barovia where they helped supply the locals with food, rid the graveyard of more undead and Hallowed it, and updated the village defenses a little before preparing to head for the Burgomaster's place.     



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