Arcane Empire

Head of State (Apr - 01)

Politics in North Korea

The North Korean leader elected to ignore the demands of the Empire for taxes and use the money to build up a better defense against them using Taoist and Triad magic. The Dragons responded by placing a 10 million credit bounty on his head and the Firm then contacted the player characters.

The characters did a day of hasty research, but figured information wasn't going to easy to come by so they pushed forward their attack plans using transport via plants to show up in the gardens and then having Hammer infiltrate using an intrusion suit to avoid detection by see invisible. He eventually made his way to the inner sanctum using a message spell to contact the team which used a Miracle to transport in taking the defenders by surprise. In a quick bloodbath the characters stripped all the magic defenses killed the guards in the immediate vicinity, took the leader's soul as proof of his demise and plane shifted out to Teri's Dimensional Realm.   



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