Arcane Empire

Barovia Bound part 2 (Mar-01)

Into the village of Fog

The characters are continuing their quest to find the Sun Sword in Barovia. They are arriving in a BTR-60 armored transport while the village is choked in with fog. Getting to the village was relatively easy and Simo burst through the first encounter area without stopping, but stopped for a dead villager in the road who didn't seem to be a zombie. Darius tested the area firing the medium machine gun into the road and then some zombies came at the vehicle. Darius opened up with the medium machine gun the first round while Ben and Teri opened up through the firing ports with handguns. Shortly thereafter the zombies started pummeling the APC and noticeably denting the plating. Darius switched to the heavy machine gun and Ben and Teri switched to channeling holy energy, but even so the APC was destroyed before the zombies were defeated, since it was summoned it vanished as soon as it was destroyed. The group stayed long enough to finish off two monstrous maggots and fend off a couple vargoyles as Simo checked the body then quickly made their way to the sounds of combat at the town square.

In the town square they joined the local hero in defeating the undead threats in the immediate area, but used up much of their resources and a couple people were injured (Darius and the paladin in the village).

Leaving off the group was torn between trying to recover or trying to stop the remaining zombies from killing the villagers; as the zombies are about 5 times tougher than normal zombies it isn't a simple task.          



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