Arcane Empire

Barovia Bound (Mar-01)

Count Strahd's Hospitality

Fletcher contacted the characters with a potentially high payoff job, to recover the original Sun Sword from Barovia and bring it to the Firm's New York office for $500,000 credits. The job will require the characters to travel to another planet and locate the lost artifact using whatever rumors and legends are available.

Darvis was added to the group and the team was contacted by Daeon who claimed he would pay 1,000,000 gold (credits) for the same sword. Daeon made the same offer to Valden and some other mercenaries on the basis of payment being given upon delivery.

In preparation Teri acquired a climbing kit, survival kit, and extra power packs for her rifle. The group hired a wizard to transport them to Zor. At Zor they got rooms and sought information on the Sun Sword and Marovia. Transportation was arranged on a knarr hauling old M4 carbines and silver ammunition to a Marovian band.

The trip took a few days passing through monster infested areas with no combat encounters. The recipients of the guns were werebears who directed the characters to the road leading into the Barovian Province and confirmed to the characters that Count Strahd was a vampire and that the gypsies weren't trustworthy.

Ben summoned up a BTR 60 and Simo drove it to the fog choked village.      



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