Arcane Empire

Final Blow
Barovia endgame

The team killed the two remaining hags, then discovered Strahds weakness was the warlocks in his tower. After facing a demon on the roof they were able to dispatch the warlocks and Hammer was able to take out Strahd.

The team collected the money from the Firm and moved their operations to San Diego.

This Campaign is effectively ended since we are switching the characters over to the new rules in Arcane Empire II.   

Dealing With Liches

Our new friends needed a rest, so Zelda, Ben, Shamrock, George and I decided to negotiate with the lich Drexl. Ben and I headed in to talk to the lich. Zelda decided to stay on the pier with Shamrock to figure out how to take out the dragon turtle Tuoni. While Ben and I were negotiating George managed to steal the lich's phylactery from around his neck and replace it. When we got back to the pier, Shamrock was still talking about how to kill the dragon turtle. Tuoni took exception to Shamrock's musings and when we got pulled over by legionnaires, he capsized both boats and shot a geyser of steam, killing everyone but me.  Ben came back on his own. I managed to resurrect Zelda and Shamrock, but George couldn't be resurrected. It turned out he sold his soul. When we had a chance to recover, Ben and I went to speak with Drexl. He seemed to have no idea that his phylactery was gone.

Since everything seemed to be in order, we dropped Shamrock off at the Blood and Vine tavern while we took the phylactery to Zor. At the firm, they had their expert come in to authenticate it. The lizard lich Auroch indicated that we were to hand it over to one of his men, so we did so. He began to study the box and suddenly both he and the box disappeared.  The legionnaires took us to see the blue dragon, who questioned us. We explained what happened, what we saw and reminded them that we had fulfilled our part of the bargain.

Since Auroch never authenticated the phylactery, they refused to pay us for the job. The blue dragon did release us after a few days and sent us to Zor. We lodged a complaint with the firm for being cheated by the client and headed back to Bavaria.

Return to Alterra part 3 (May 01)
Closing in on Strahd

The characters remained in Barovia for a third night planning to gain information about the hags so they could defeat them and then be able to destroy Strahd.           

Return to Alterra part 2 (May 01)
Treasure Hunting and Relief work

After cleaning up and Hallowing the grave yard the characters returned a couple corpses to their proper places, but many more villagers were lost during the zombie infection and the characters may be asked to help inter the dead once the villagers feel safe doing so. The team is on a mission to recover a pair of artifacts, but has taken an interest in helping the village even going as far as entertaining the idea of removing the vampire from power.

The characters went to the mansion and discovered the burgomaster's body and his daughter. Boondocks resurrected and restored the burgomaster while Ben restored and put mind blank on his daughter. The group headed out to speak to the gypsies with the burgomaster and his daughter going along and encountered a paladin fighting ghosts who also joined the group. The gypsy gave a reading and the character set out in search of the items. Hammer conviced the gypsie to give up the amulet and the team fought a hag and a pair of demons after getting past a ghost wall and recovered the book.

The team then returned to the Tavern to rest up and prepare to take on the other hags.          

Return to Alterra (May 01)
Necropolis Awaits

Another 10,000,000 CR job awaits, this time going into Necropolis to gain the Phylactery of DREXO; a lich lord who may have an army of subserviant liches working for him. If the characters were to succeed it would be an opportunity for those who missed out on the last big payday to catch up, assuming the characters fail it would put their Dimensional Realm safeguards to the test.  

The characters picked up a slightly less lucrative contract for 500,000 credits if both the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and the Book of Strahd can be recovered in Barovia. They kept a tentative interest in the big contract, gathering more information on DREXO and his enemies in Zor, but ended up going to Barovia where they helped supply the locals with food, rid the graveyard of more undead and Hallowed it, and updated the village defenses a little before preparing to head for the Burgomaster's place.     

Head of State (Apr - 01)
Politics in North Korea

The North Korean leader elected to ignore the demands of the Empire for taxes and use the money to build up a better defense against them using Taoist and Triad magic. The Dragons responded by placing a 10 million credit bounty on his head and the Firm then contacted the player characters.

The characters did a day of hasty research, but figured information wasn't going to easy to come by so they pushed forward their attack plans using transport via plants to show up in the gardens and then having Hammer infiltrate using an intrusion suit to avoid detection by see invisible. He eventually made his way to the inner sanctum using a message spell to contact the team which used a Miracle to transport in taking the defenders by surprise. In a quick bloodbath the characters stripped all the magic defenses killed the guards in the immediate vicinity, took the leader's soul as proof of his demise and plane shifted out to Teri's Dimensional Realm.   

Barovia Bound part 3 (Mar-01)
Zombies, really nasty zombies

 The Characters left off in the middle of a primitive village under siege by extraordinarily powerful zombies with most of their spell and turning resources expended while other parts of the village were clearly still under attack . . .

The Team was joined by Hammer, Firefly, and Zelda who helped secure town square, rested the evening and then went to the church. After a brutal fight with the monster there ending the zombie plague, the Paladin took her fallen comrades and returned home. The characters then discovered Hammer had found the Sun Sword in the church but neglected to mention it to avoid conflict with the Paladin. The group took the Sun Sword to New York bypassing Daeon and increasing their standing with the Firm.       

Barovia Bound part 2 (Mar-01)
Into the village of Fog

The characters are continuing their quest to find the Sun Sword in Barovia. They are arriving in a BTR-60 armored transport while the village is choked in with fog. Getting to the village was relatively easy and Simo burst through the first encounter area without stopping, but stopped for a dead villager in the road who didn't seem to be a zombie. Darius tested the area firing the medium machine gun into the road and then some zombies came at the vehicle. Darius opened up with the medium machine gun the first round while Ben and Teri opened up through the firing ports with handguns. Shortly thereafter the zombies started pummeling the APC and noticeably denting the plating. Darius switched to the heavy machine gun and Ben and Teri switched to channeling holy energy, but even so the APC was destroyed before the zombies were defeated, since it was summoned it vanished as soon as it was destroyed. The group stayed long enough to finish off two monstrous maggots and fend off a couple vargoyles as Simo checked the body then quickly made their way to the sounds of combat at the town square.

In the town square they joined the local hero in defeating the undead threats in the immediate area, but used up much of their resources and a couple people were injured (Darius and the paladin in the village).

Leaving off the group was torn between trying to recover or trying to stop the remaining zombies from killing the villagers; as the zombies are about 5 times tougher than normal zombies it isn't a simple task.          

Barovia Bound (Mar-01)
Count Strahd's Hospitality

Fletcher contacted the characters with a potentially high payoff job, to recover the original Sun Sword from Barovia and bring it to the Firm's New York office for $500,000 credits. The job will require the characters to travel to another planet and locate the lost artifact using whatever rumors and legends are available.

Darvis was added to the group and the team was contacted by Daeon who claimed he would pay 1,000,000 gold (credits) for the same sword. Daeon made the same offer to Valden and some other mercenaries on the basis of payment being given upon delivery.

In preparation Teri acquired a climbing kit, survival kit, and extra power packs for her rifle. The group hired a wizard to transport them to Zor. At Zor they got rooms and sought information on the Sun Sword and Marovia. Transportation was arranged on a knarr hauling old M4 carbines and silver ammunition to a Marovian band.

The trip took a few days passing through monster infested areas with no combat encounters. The recipients of the guns were werebears who directed the characters to the road leading into the Barovian Province and confirmed to the characters that Count Strahd was a vampire and that the gypsies weren't trustworthy.

Ben summoned up a BTR 60 and Simo drove it to the fog choked village.      

Zombie Land (Feb-01)
Baron Samedi and crew

Baron Samedi is a voodoo necromancer who has been trying to raise an army of undead, mostly zombies with occasional skeletons, ghouls, ghasts, and wraiths mixed in.

He operates in the swamps outside New Orleans and has caused enough damage to raise a 50,000 credit bounty to pay for his termination.

The team learned from the dead cultists the main attack was on the capital building that day and went to intercept. The took out a swarm of 60 zombies on the freeway, helped some other mercenaries fight off some skeletons with guns then moved on to the capital building.

There were lots of zombies, ghouls, ghasts, and a wraith being commanded by the necromancer when the characters arrived. Ghost shot the necromancer, Weisser lauched a fireball into the ghouls and ghasts, and Asteri went after the Wraith with her channeling powers.

A team of skeletons opened fire with assault rifles while the wraith attacked Asteri and another wraith rose from a corpse. Weisser fire balled the skeletons while Ghost and Asteri did enchantments to fight the wraiths.

Asteri ended up getting bloodied in the fight with the Wraiths calling upon divine help (a hero point) to defeat the last wraith. Weisser went into the capital building to fight the ghasts inside also using a hero point to fight them and resorting to pistol whipping with his empty gun to finish off the last two.

Weisser held the last of the zombies at bay with a fire hose until Asteri could come in and blast them while ghost mopped up the zombies outside.

The team rented a room for a week and the next day Ghost went out to scout for the necromancer's compound using a local guide to find it and invisibility to move through the camp killing the cultist followers. He rescued the 5 prisoners and called in the other team members to help clean up.

The team sold off the cultist's gear while turning over the victim's stolen goods to the local police and then paying Air-Wiz to teleport them home.          


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